Man working at a laptop and making notes
Man working at a laptop and making notes

The Thematic Intelligence Blog

We’ve distilled our years of experience leveraging qualitative data for more informed and energised outcomes into practical, punchy insights.

CID bespoke software expert analyzes a task
The world is changing: can your software keep up?

Software developed with a project mindset can suffer from inertia. Here, we explore the power of shifting to a longer-term product mindset.

CID colleagues: collaboration meets technical expertise
A SMART approach to smarter, collaborative software development: collaboration meets technical expertise

Outsourced software development often means a relinquishing of your vision & a static product. Learn how collaboration helps our clients to avoid these…

CID colleagues: collaboration meets technical expertise
How to build a spaceship: engineering advantage with bespoke software

Caught between off-the-shelf and black-box outsourcing, businesses face tradeoffs when building bespoke software. Explore CID’s engineered advantage…

Man sits in front of a laptop
Bespoke Software that matches your vision

Do you have a vision of where you want your business to be? At CID, we build bespoke software that achieves that vision, without risk or compromise.

CID colleagues discuss on the digital whiteboard.
Data Mesh: Building a Scalable Information Architecture

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