Bespoke software for manufacturing and automotive engineering

Manufacturing the future through bespoke software

Manufacturers – including those in the automotive, aerospace, food and beverages and machinery industries – work in complex, highly-specialised fields. Applying tailored software to manufacturing can unlock visibility and enable process efficiency, across back-office operations, servitization and supply chains.

But there’s much more that tailor-made software can offer manufacturers based on their specific and unique context and requirements. Fom digital twin modelling for predictive maintenance and data systems for selling proprietary information as a resource, to simple and effective back office process improvement, we have the experience and expertise needed to unlock advantage-driving benefits for manufacturers from all industries.

Our manufacturing expertise

We outline the process improvements and completely new solutions that bespoke software can unlock for manufacturing companies.

Case studies

We’ve worked with businesses across the manufacturing industry to provide competitive advantage and unique digital experiences through bespoke software. Explore our case studies below.

Case Study: Enhancing Supply Chain Monitoring with AI and Knowledge Graphs

CID’s mastery of AI and Knowledge Graph technologies delivers unparalleled supplier and event detection accuracy. Desire to talk?

Manufacturing content

Explore our news, views and technical considerations for the manufacturing sector in our resource library.

Our bespoke approach

The way we operate for any project is defined by our SMART FACTORY! Principles – a set of key values that ensure we deliver the maximum value for our clients.

Experts in becoming experts

Manufacturing, like many other industries, requires experience and specialist knowledge. Our approach to building bespoke software prioritises gathering as much information from your internal experts to ensure we understand the way your specific manufacturing operation works.

Deep collaboration

Each manufacturing business is built on a complex system of vital back office processes. CID works like an internal team for our clients, synchronising with your teams to know the shape of your business, its goals and where opportunities lie, on the frontline or within the back office.

Agile development

Our development priorities are driven by the same values as manufacturers’ projects: on-time and on-budget. Our agile process brings clear responsibilities and safeguards to ensure existing workflows continue uninterrupted during development and deployment.

Cutting-edge tech expertise

Whether you’re gathering insight through AI-powered knowledge graphs or collating information through a decentralised data mesh, we know when – and when not – to apply the latest tech to help manufacturers achieve their goals.

Get in touch

Whether you’re exploring a specific industry challenge or opportunity, or just want to find out more about our work and expertise within the industry, get in touch below to speak to one of our team. Or follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with what we’re doing.

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