CID Cloud

Run processes and services of all shapes and sizes in a secure, reliable and scalable cloud environment.

Improve time-to-market, scale business applications and build resilience into your AI systems and bespoke software solutions.

We’ve developed CID Cloud to help companies break free from increasingly complex, manual and archaic infrastructure challenges.

You can leverage easy customisation, powerful security and seamless integration with your development lifecycles, without the administrative burden of running complex systems.

All our products and solutions support software-as-a-service and on-premise operations to cater to as many companies’ needs as possible. We deliver and manage cloud services that support AI and business process applications — from secure shared services to dedicated private cloud environments — so your company can do more and better things, faster.

Shared services

Use CID’s expertise in modern data stacks and AI to enrich your business operations and get more insight from your data.

Leverage bespoke software in the CID Cloud to run secure and reliable digital processes.

Combine efficiency with security by storing customer data in a safe environment with high-security firewalls, encryption and data protection in line with the highest information management standards.

Dedicated cloud services

Scalable private cloud environments and applications as managed services.

Harness data security and stability in a cloud environment that supports your unique blend of systems and processes.

Benefit from the advantages of an easy-to-customise cloud service through a dedicated environment that’s simple to control and manage — and lean on us for support at any time.

We’ve also made it easy to audit in accordance with your company’s specific IT and data security requirements.

Security and resilience

Customer-specific security and IT requirements that work to the highest standards.

We manage our private cloud service through a secure data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

The data centre provides multi-redundant internet connectivity, physical security, emergency power supply and is secured against earthquakes, flooding, and other natural disasters.

CID Cloud runs on our own hardware, giving us the flexibility to meet customer security specifications while operating under the most stringent German and EU data protection laws and standards.

Bespoke Software Resources Library

Visit our central library for everything software.

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Discover more case studies

We have helped companies of all shapes and sizes to transform their processes and capabilities. Here’s a selection of the achievements we’re particularly proud of.

Mapping Client Data across Internal and External Systems

Collaborating with CID, a law firm’s team kick-started a data science project, working along business use cases and data products.

Building the Foundation to Enable a True Data-Driven Organization 

Collaborating with CID, a professional services firm’s team kick-started a multi-year data fabric project.

Market Data Analytics as Power BI Self-Service

CID helped a healthcare firm shorten the time for new market data availability in self-service reporting systems.

Supporting Investor Attraction Outreach

Supporting the outreach of a state government by CID

Keeping Advisors Up-to-Date about their Clients

CID’s expertise in AI offers news processing, event detection, and entity mapping tailored to the international private bank’s needs.

Case Study: Introducing an Agile Operating Model at a European Retailer 

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