Leveraging a quarter-century of innovation and expertise, CID forges partnerships that enrich our solutions and empower our clients with advanced, scalable technologies. These collaborations, rooted in our deep industry knowledge and a commitment to excellence, ensure our clients are equipped for success in a dynamic market.


If you think we could complement each other, don’t hesitate to reach out – we are actively looking for new partnerships!

Databricks enables rapid innovation and decision-making for our customers by unifying data science, engineering, and business on a single platform.

Confluent empowers ours customers to make agile, informed decisions by integrating all data sources into a real-time stream of actionable insights.

IBM Plus’s emphasis on hybrid cloud solutions ensures that we can operate flexibly, scaling its technology use to match business demands of our customers efficiently.

Microsoft provides a comprehensive ecosystem of technology solutions, including Azure cloud services, AI, and business analytics tools.

Snowflake provides our customers with a comprehensive data cloud, facilitating unified, secure data management and analysis for informed business strategies.

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