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    Mapping Client Data across Internal and External Systems

    Collaborating with CID, a law firm’s team kick-started a data science project, working along business use cases and data products.

    Building the Foundation to Enable a True Data-Driven Organization 

    Collaborating with CID, a professional services firm’s team kick-started a multi-year data fabric project.

    Market Data Analytics as Power BI Self-Service

    CID helped a healthcare firm shorten the time for new market data availability in self-service reporting systems.

    Supporting Investor Attraction Outreach

    Supporting the outreach of a state government by CID

    Keeping Advisors Up-to-Date about their Clients

    CID’s expertise in AI offers news processing, event detection, and entity mapping tailored to the international private bank’s needs.

    RAG – GenAI with your own data

    Video: RAG – the key to improved, context-driven generative AI use without the need for expensive fine-tuning

    MLOps: Optimizing the machine learning life cycle

    Video: Unlocking the Power of Machine Learning (Part I)

    RAG – More than a chatbot with your own data

    Building upon basic RAG, Agentic RAG systems are poised to overhaul GenAI usage. But can the GenAI trust issue be solved?

    MLOps Principles and Tools

    Unlocking the Power of Machine Learning: Part I

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