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Every organisation faces hyper-specific challenges that require industry context – and bespoke solutions – to address.

We pride ourselves on having proficiency in the industry details that matter to our customers. Over a quarter of a century we’ve developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the shifts, trends and nuances that are shaping a number of core industries. This has allowed us to build bespoke software for our customers that seizes on opportunities in lightning-quick time, addressing real industry challenges and delivering tangible market advantages.

Explore these core markets and delve deeper into each on their own page. And if you don’t see your industry below, then get in touch – we’re always keen to add more strings to our bow.

Retail and e-commerce

Retail and e-commerce technology is accelerating. Seamless omni-channel experiences are table stakes, but data compliance and usage – and the quest for cross-channel customer insights and personalisation – present their own challenges. Learn how CID is supporting retailers with bespoke software that overcomes these challenges and taps into opportunities.

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Manufacturing and Automotive

Manufacturers often work in complex, multi-organisation supply chains. But with the right software, they can transform processes, build new digital products and services, manage complex supply chains, and use the latest technologies such as AI and digital twins to monetise data and unlock untapped value. Learn how CID is using technology to power the future of manufacturing.

Explore Manufacturing and Automotive


The energy sector is changing, introducing both challenges and opportunity. The move to using more renewable energy sources affects operators, suppliers and customers alike. See how CID is on hand to build bespoke, highly-specialised energy software to power a greener future.

Explore Energy

Financial Services

Financial services organisations create advantage with tailored, unique digital experiences for customers and employees. See how CID applies software to tackle new markets, provide new digital products, break down data silos, combine data sets and overhaul information mapping across financial services providers.

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Professional Services

Professional services are built on in-depth customer insight and personalised solutions. But extracting the data needed from a sprawling array of decentralised systems and transforming the processes is hard. Learn how CID is empowering professional services businesses to deploy unique digital experiences, offer self-service systems, change business models and strengthen customer relationships.

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