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Create better, more innovative investment solutions and win more business with qualitative data insights

Asset & Wealth Management

Bespoke Software Development

Tailored software solutions that deliver unique experiences and competitive advantages.

Bespoke Software Development

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Bespoke Software Development

We help companies create bespoke, unique software that turns their visions of customer experiences and competitive advantages into a reality.

Everybody knows the importance of software for internal processes, customer engagement and product promotion. But advantage lies within hard-to-find development and AI talent and expertise, alongside project experience. – This means picking the right external partner is vital. They need to complement your internal teams, upskill them, and enable you to move forward equipped with the right tools.

That’s our approach. Through our collaborative, accountable processes and deep technical expertise, we create lasting solutions that tackle specific challenges, close the gap standard software leaves open, and set you apart from competition.

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Disrupt nothing, change everything

Businesses are successful because of their uniqueness, whether it’s in their product, services or structure. Our bespoke approach enables businesses to capitalise on these individual properties, operating with software tailor-made in collaboration to fit them perfectly.

And that’s why we seek to understand your organisation as deeply as possible, to accelerate your software needs and ensure day-to-day operations remain at the highest level.

The Advantage gap

Explore a better way of developing software. In-house or outsourced bespoke software development and off-the-shelf purchases have issues that leave a sizable chasm of advantage, which is why we operate to close that Advantage Gap – finding the sweet spot of collaborative expertise where we can build tailored solutions in sync with your organisation.

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Advantage Engineering

Learn about CID’s Advantage Engineering approach, delivering a tailored, bottom-up approach to software development, centred around collaboration and the cutting-edge of technology. Delve into decoupled architectures, modern information systems, artificial intelligence, the cloud and more of our specialist areas.

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We build better software because we love doing it. See how our principles of being experts in becoming experts, deep collaboration, agile development and technological expertise create a framework that delivers value, manages risk and establishes an agile, educational framework to power future iterations of your bespoke journey.

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Asset & Wealth Management

Harness relevant unstructured data to enrich your investment strategies and client-facing business processes. Multiply your investment universe for themes and trends while massively reducing equity research time.

Now you can automatically find, score and integrate qualitative data into your products and processes. Quickly and easily feed more nuanced insights into your investment strategies to increase customisation and reduce product time-to-market.

Leverage these insights to identify new business opportunities and stay in the know about your clients.

This is Thematic Intelligence — and it’s where differentiation happens for Asset & Wealth Managers today.

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Unlock comprehensive data-led insights, create and energise investment strategies and win more business.

Level up your thematic research efficiency by easily combining unstructured, qualitative data with your fundamental and quantitative data and existing models. Create more granular and accurate investment solutions, and build a deeper understanding of clients and prospects to identify business opportunities.

Use Cases

Find out how Thematic Intelligence has helped Asset & Wealth Managers develop a more efficient and customisable investment process that can unlock better performance. And see how prospecting, client monitoring and internal business processes radically improve when fed a rich mix of quality unstructured data and relevant thematic insights.

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To get the most from unstructured data, you need to have access to high quality data that’s continuously relevant and easy to integrate into your own processes. Affinity is the platform that makes Thematic Intelligence useable at scale.

It’s an insights hub that finds, ranks, scores and meshes quality data with your fundamental and quantitative models and business processes for deeper thematic insights – unlocking greater investment performance and more client-facing and prospecting opportunities.

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Asset & Wealth Management resources

Asset & Wealth Managers today have an opportunity to extract fresh value from qualitative data in more ways than ever. Explore how investment professionals and business developers can drive tangible investment performance, operational improvement and new business opportunities.

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About CID

The greatest rewards lie on the other side of the hardest problems.

CID was founded in 1997 to solve the biggest software challenges of the day. It’s why some of Europe’s and America’s biggest enterprises count us as a partner and consultant for their toughest problems and critical initiatives.

Whether it’s building and hosting an enterprise tech stack in the cloud, or helping successful Asset & Wealth Managers extract even more value for their clients, we always use the most appropriate technology and best practices to get results that last.

We like hard problems. That hasn’t changed (and never will).

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Work at CID

We’re not that picky about who works here.

You just need to be hungry, kind, collaborative, desperate to learn, keen to experiment (and fail) and take ownership of difficult problems. Oh, and it helps if you love using the latest technology to create beautiful and powerful solutions for some of the coolest clients around.

Personnel Administrator (m/f/d)

Tax Specialist Administrator (m/f/d)

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Keep up with all things CID, from new office openings (there’s a lot) to industry events (see you there).

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FactSet and CID announced a multi-year agreement to provide AI capabilities to financial industry professionals

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FactSet and CID Launch FactSet Intelligent Prospecting and Monitoring Solution
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