In 2020, we completed our state-of-the-art headquarters in Freigericht (Frankfurt/Rhein-Main).

Here’s why we built our HQ where we built it, how we designed it for the future of work – and why you should be excited about working there.

Why Freigericht?

As an innovative tech business, you might expect us to be HQ’d in an urban hotspot. But our decision to build our base in our home region was guided as much by our vision of the company’s future as by the area’s connection to our history.

When we chose Freigericht as our HQ, we had the future of work in mind. We knew we had to serve the differing needs of the talented people we want working here – wherever they want to work.

CID has offices across Europe and North America, but we also needed an option for those who prefer living in a rural environment, want to save time and money on commuting, and aim to live more sustainably.

It made perfect sense for us to build our rural office where we founded the company: Freigericht.
Today, over 250 employees work there.

Based in the Rhine-Main Area, the region is just 30 mins out of Frankfurt, with smooth connections between Germany’s metro areas, Europe and the rest of the world.

The future of work is hybrid

People have been predicting the demise of the office for a long time. But we beg to differ. We believe that today the office is more important than ever.

Despite the rise of remote working, most people still want to be part of a working community which they can personally interact with and share experiences.

The office still matters because it provides a common base for interacting and exchanging ideas. It can function as an engine for innovation – so long as it’s designed to promote communication and collaboration.

A factory for smart thinking

The brickwork red exterior of our HQ was designed to evoke a 19th century factory. But this is very much a factory of its time – and it mainly produces ideas. That’s why we named it SMART FACTORY!

And there’s certainly nothing 19th (or even 20th) century about this factory’s design. Inside, the office is divided into distinct sections. There’s retreat zones for solitary concentration and communication zones where colleagues can exchange ideas, information and inspiration.

Our HQ provides a location for those who prefer a rural environment, a shorter commute and more sociable work experience.”

Alexander Lörch, CEO and Founder, ,

And a home away from home

Happy people are more creative and collaborative – and make better decisions. An office should be a pleasant, comfortable and welcoming place to be, with areas for relaxation as well as work.

That’s why our HQ includes a staff canteen, different coffee points, seating places in our own forest and much, much more.

SMART FACTORY! truly is a home for our colleagues, customers and company.

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