Bespoke software for the energy sector

Powering energy’s greener future

The energy sector is changing. And energy suppliers and grid operators are grappling with the opportunities and complexities that using renewable energy sources presents. Legacy software isn’t sufficient to face these new challenges – and there are hardly any off-the-shelf solutions for energy’s specific requirements. Intelligent, state-of-the art software – powered by modern data stacks – is what’s required to support a successful transition to the new green energy economy.

We can help. By building the data stack foundations that enable you to accelerate your software programmes, build new software products – and step forward on your digital journey to powering a greener future.

Energy content

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Our bespoke approach

The way we operate for any project is defined by our SMART FACTORY! Principles – a set of key values that ensure we deliver the maximum value for our clients.

Experts in becoming experts

The software requirements for the energy industry are highly specialised and complex. We pride ourselves in working closely with your internal experts, ensuring that we know the shape of your business, industry, technologies and requirements to achieve them.

Deep collaboration

We aim to work as an internal team of yours, collaborating in a hybrid approach. The end goal? To provide our energy customers with intuitive, bespoke software – and a team so autonomous and future-proofed that we aren’t needed anymore.

Agile development

The services provided by the energy sector underpin cities, countries and global economies. Our agile development prioritises ensures day-to-day operations continue as normal during development and deployment. And that all projects are delivered on time and within agreed budgets.

Cutting-edge tech expertise

From cloud technology and big data to modern information architectures, data mesh and decoupled software, we ensure energy customers are using the technology that’s right for them to achieve their goals.

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