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About us

We believe software should be an enabler for companies that do great things.

We solve problems where complexity exists to create better outcomes and scalability.

We’re on a mission to help companies we believe in do more for their customers — whether that’s portfolio managers creating greater returns for their investors, or enterprise heads enabling their staff to do new and better things quickly and easily.

That’s why we’ve spent decades evolving our software products and services to maximise our clients’ potential. We put the latest and best-fitting technology and working practices at the disposal of each of our clients — so they can do better things for more customers, faster.

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Asset & Wealth Management

Harness a universe of unstructured data to enrich your investment strategies and client-facing business processes.

Qualitative data is where differentiation happens for Asset & Wealth Managers today. Now you can automatically find, score and integrate data-driven insights into your thematic investment strategies.

Leverage these insights to identify new business opportunities and stay in the know about your clients. Integrate more nuanced data into your investment strategies, increase customisation and reduce product time-to-market.

This is Thematic Intelligence.

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Bespoke Software Solutions

We help future-minded enterprises create, maintain and improve software solutions to stay ahead of the pack.

There’s great software behind every successful business. Through deep collaboration and a relentless pursuit of smarter and powerful outcomes, we create lasting solutions that elevate you above your biggest business and software challenges.

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