Man wearing headset on a video conference call

Meet the team

We’ve been finding smarter ways to help enterprises solve difficult problems since 1997. Meet the people still making that possible today.

Leadership team

Photo of Alexander Loerch, Co-CEO and Founder

Alexander Lörch

Co-CEO, Founder

Photograph of Rouven Lörch, Co-CEO and Founder

Rouven Lörch

Co-CEO, Founder

Photograph of Dirk Schiesser, Head of Development and Founder

Dirk Schießer

Chief Technology Officer, Founder

Photograph of Professor Doctor Michael Hommel, Management Consultant Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Michael Hommel

Management Consultant, Advisory Board

Photo of Alexander Stumpfegger, Chief Sales Officer

Alexander Stumpfegger

Chief Sales Officer

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