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Software is the lifeblood of your organisation.

It affects the way you operate, run internal processes, build relationships with customers and reach new prospects. It is the key to achieving your vision of the future, helping you to stand apart from the competition as you navigate the challenges ahead.

So it should be as unique and powerful as your ambitions as a business.

The trouble is, when it comes to software development, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  • You can outsource development to a consultancy or bodyshop and risk burdening yourself with all the additional cost, administration and uncertainty that come with managing a team of third party personnel.
  • Or buy something off-the-shelf and make any idea of differentiation a pipedream. Not good.

You need a different approach. One that operates in the space between these two extremes, which we call the Advantage Gap. An approach that empathises with the nuances of your operations as much as it appreciates your unique position within your market. And allows you to access true competitive advantages without risk.

flow chart. first block reads: It’s no longer a choice between build or buy. It’s build or die. In the second column the first block reads: Build using a DIY approach or outsourcing entirely. An arrow connects to the next block of text which reads: Adds risk, needs careful project management and leaves behind a knowledge vacuum. In the second column the second row reads: the advantage gap in bold. An arrow connects to the next block in the row reading: Unique, made-to-measure, goal specific and delivers competitive advantage. The final block of the second column reads: off-the-shelf purchase. An arrow connects to the final block in the bottom row which reads: No differentiation, limited, exposure, rigid in nature.

Major advantages are in your grasp

Building bespoke software in the Advantage Gap is hard. It takes flexibility, expertise and a deep understanding of your business, industry, technology and goals. That’s where we come in.

Imagine software that’s made-to-measure for your organisation and its specific goals, whether that be a new customer portal, better data analysis or an overhaul of your supply chain. Software that delivers an experience for customers and prospects they can’t find anywhere else. It’s a powerful prospect.

At CID, we’ve made that prospect a reality. We’ve operated in the Advantage Gap for decades, pioneering a model of bespoke software development built on technical expertise and deep collaboration with our customers. We call this approach Advantage Engineering.

Our approach: Advantage Engineering

Advantage Engineering is a set of established guidelines, applied with a flexibility, empathy and open-mindedness that comes from knowing that no two projects are the same.

Expertise & experience

Our team consists of industry-leading software, AI, cloud and UX engineers. They’re complemented by seasoned project leaders and solution architects that have the experience of delivering transparent, secure, tailored projects to agreed budgets.

We’re powered by curiosity; meaning we’re leaders in the most advanced fields of software development, including decoupled software architectures, modern information systems, and artificial intelligence.

Delve deeper into our technical expertise on our Advantage Engineering page.

The fundamentals of impactful solutions

We focus this expertise through our SMART FACTORY! Principles. Each project is delivered against four fundamental aspects that you need for true software impact:

  • Experts in becoming experts
  • Deep collaboration
  • Agile development
  • Cutting-edge tech expertise

We don’t rely on templates, or universal structures, or the same technologies. We approach every piece of work as a unique, blank canvas, working with what we find within your existing structures and utilising your existing technology stack where possible. This is bespoke done right: tailored, yet considered. Which we believe is the only way to deliver true and lasting advantage.

Bespoke Software Resources Library

Visit our central library for everything software.

Let’s move on

Our experience

We’re veterans in the bespoke software space. It’s led to the delivery of household-name solutions and developed client relationships that have lasted years. See our work for yourself.

Mapping Client Data across Internal and External Systems

Collaborating with CID, a law firm’s team kick-started a data science project, working along business use cases and data products.

Building the Foundation to Enable a True Data-Driven Organization 

Collaborating with CID, a professional services firm’s team kick-started a multi-year data fabric project.

Market Data Analytics as Power BI Self-Service

CID helped a healthcare firm shorten the time for new market data availability in self-service reporting systems.

Supporting Investor Attraction Outreach

Supporting the outreach of a state government by CID

Keeping Advisors Up-to-Date about their Clients

CID’s expertise in AI offers news processing, event detection, and entity mapping tailored to the international private bank’s needs.

Case Study: Introducing an Agile Operating Model at a European Retailer 

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Have an idea to revolutionise your organisation, but are unsure if you have the resources or structure to deliver it? Get in touch and see how CID can turn your vision into a reality.

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