Building unique retail experiences with bespoke software

Levelling up retail insight and CX

Retail and e-commerce technology continues to accelerate. Seamless omni-channel experiences are now the baseline for customer expectations. But data regulation changes, the challenge of achieving cross-channel customer insights, and the rise of gen AI-driven personalization make planning competitive advantage more crucial, and challenging, than ever.

We can help. From seamless, universal customer 360 insight to future-proofed, AI-powered CX and efficient back-office processes, CID has the experience and expertise needed to deliver bespoke software that makes visionary retail a reality.

Our retail expertise

Hear our experts explore the fast-paced, tech-fuelled evolution of modern retail, the opportunities and roadblocks that the industry faces – and how bespoke software can help retailers navigate them.

Case studies

We’ve worked with businesses across the retail industry to provide competitive advantage and unique digital experiences through bespoke software. Explore the case studies below.

Case Study: Data Mesh at a Leading European Retailer
A tailored enterprise platform for the global workwear retailer STRAUSS  
Case Study: Introducing an Agile Operating Model at a European Retailer 

Retail content

Explore our news, views and technical considerations for the retail sector in our resource library.

Our bespoke approach

The way we operate for any project is defined by our SMART FACTORY! Principles – a set of key values that ensure we deliver the maximum value for our clients.

Experts in becoming experts

Modern retail businesses span physical stores, e-commerce, social media, marketing, events, 3rd party sellers and more. We work closely with your internal experts to understand everything we need to about your business, industry and goals, no matter how complex.

Deep collaboration

From shop floor to head office to final mile logistics, we work in hybrid teams with our clients’ own people: that’s how we design and deliver real impact. The end goal? To provide retailers with intuitive, bespoke software – and a team so autonomous and future-proofed that we aren’t needed anymore.

Agile development

Retail brands live or die by their customer experiences. That’s why we prioritise an on-time, on-budget development methodology that lets day-to-day activity continue without disruption during development and deployment – and allow for swift adjustments at any time.

Cutting-edge tech expertise

Whether we’re implementing a data mesh to sharpen customer insight, or deploying AI to provide new levels of customer personalization and service, our experts have tried-and-tested experience with the latest technologies to deliver solutions that are right for every retailer’s specific needs.

Get in touch

Whether you’re exploring a specific industry challenge or opportunity, or just want to find out more about our work and expertise within the industry, get in touch below to speak to one of our team. Or follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with what we’re doing.

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