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The SMART FACTORY! Principles

Our customers know what they want. They consider the pieces of software that make their business digital and unique core competency and intellectual property. Some hire domain experts and software developers to build it.

Yet – they appreciate our support as an enabler, an accelerator who makes their responsibilities his own and becomes part of the solution.

Be it because of scaling or sourcing issues or to get started in collaboration with a partner with solid experience and state-of-the-art tech expertise – CID has been a preferred choice of CIOs, software product owners, delivery managers… who prefer honest, thought-provoking conversation to shiny slide decks with lots of conceptual words.

We prefer to understand our customers’ business, objectives, and challenges. To the extent that our teams identify with what our customers desire to achieve, we are experts in becoming experts. We don’t just provide developer resources but assume responsibility for deliverables, thinking ahead as our customers do to ensure what we deliver will be fit for purpose. We even call it products, not just projects. We don’t just deliver on tasks but focus on the value these products generate.

Once the products are in place, we are happy to maintain or expand – or to ensure the in-house teams are equipped with what they need to carry on in good remembrance of our collaboration.

The SMART FACTORY! Principles in Detail

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Software engineering with CID

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Smart Iterations – The SMART FACTORY! Principles in Action
Smart Iterations – The SMART FACTORY! Principles in Action
Hybrid teams
Hybrid teams are the key to kick-starting digital and AI transformation

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