Man working at a laptop and making notes
Man working at a laptop and making notes

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We’ve distilled our years of experience leveraging qualitative data for more informed and energised outcomes into practical, punchy insights.

The qualitative research job from hell

Qualitative Data Research is Hard (But it Doesn’t Have to Be) | CID

Close up of hand using a touch screen
How to get the qualitative insights your thematic products need

How to get the qualitative insights your thematic products need

Man presenting to colleagues on a tablet
How to leverage investment themes and events

Unlock richer thematic investing by recognising and harnessing the insights you need in unstructured data.

Smart business woman standing outside office buildings
The hole in your datasets that’s costing you business

Thematic investment is a big deal. Here’s how siloed qualitative data insights are stopping you from capitalising on investor appetite.

Three people at a business meeting
Under the skin of the new qualitative investor

Unstructured data is everywhere. Here’s how you can consistently ingest, store and synthesise it – and why smart investors need to.

Woman coding at dual monitor setup
Why qualitative data is the future of thematic investing

Find out why qualitative data is key to making smarter thematic investment predictions – and why that’s no longer bad news for asset managers.

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