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Cloud-native software: a foundation for the future of your business

As businesses increasingly adapt to new, evolving requirements, explore why cloud-native software built on modern, decoupled tech stacks deliver what they…

Your software is only as good as the foundation it runs on. But the foundations of software have changed. And businesses must adapt to new, evolving business requirements faster. It’s for that reason that we suggest building cloud-native software on a modern tech stack wherever possible.

Let us explain.

In the past, software was typically built as a monolith and run on a single server. So if that server ran well, then so did your software. Today, software is built as small interconnected services running on tens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers, applications, containers and more – all running together.

This makes it essential to decide early which foundations you’re going to run your software on. And it’s why we always suggest building cloud-native software, which allows you to access all the advantages, flexibility, and performance that come with decoupled software architectures and a cloud – or a state-of-the-art on-prem – environment.

Here we’re going to look in detail at what cloud-native software is – and why it’s almost certainly the best approach when embarking on your bespoke software project.

Why cloud-native software is a better choice

In simple terms, cloud-native software is software that is not monolithic, instead consisting of many individually scalable services – all designed along business functions.

Engineering software like this is better – even for on-premise operations – because it’s based on state-of-the-art standards and provides the flexibility to run software from anywhere. It enables elasticity and scalability, so your software isn’t static but develops and grows with your business, and makes refactoring – making small changes to code for specific parts of your business – a whole lot easier.

‘But what about legacy software?’ you might ask.

It’s a good question. And the alternative to cloud-native software is to use a lift-and-shift approach, whereby you run your legacy software in cloud VMs. The trouble is, this burns a lot of money. Because VM power and data traffic don’t come for free.

It’s why we always tell our customers not to migrate to the cloud just because of the cloud. But rather couple that migration with a transition to a more scalable software platform with small micro services that can actually benefit from the environment, so your business benefits overall.

Our approach to the cloud and software operations

At CID, we engineer cloud-native software agnostic of the later cloud environment. We try to find the right balance between more or less scalability; more standard or customisation; and the use of cloud-proprietary tools, tech, services alongside cross-platform standard frameworks and software.

Importantly, we also ensure both the operating environment and the applications themselves are secure wherever they run.

We engineer software for every type of cloud or operating environment: from public hyperscale clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, to private or hybrid clouds, and edge operations. So if you’ve got a particular requirement, then we’ll be able to work with it.

Private cloud and the CID Cloud

We have 25 years’ experience in running private cloud and data center environments, and run one of Germany’s largest private clouds.

In fact, we’re so proud of our private cloud that we use it for ourselves, as well as for a wide number of our customers.

This means we have the necessary knowledge of both private cloud operations and engineering cloud-native software to maximise the use of a custom environment’s capabilities and advantages.

Our experience and expertise covers:

  • Hardware like servers
  • Networking like load balancers
  • Databases like relational or graph
  • Data storage (file, object, block)
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Build and deployment automation (CI/CD)
  • Identity and access management
  • Encryption
  • Firewalls

We also offer infrastructure as a service, leveraging our experience and expertise in cloud-native software for cloud engineering. This service ensures super fast deployment times based on a high degree of automation.

Beyond our expertise, we pride ourselves on our approach. We place an emphasis on very close collaboration between software, DevOps, and cloud engineers – so that all our software is fully integrated from inception to development, deployment, and operations.

Let’s build something great together

If you’ve got a vision for your business and you think that bespoke software is the answer, we should talk. Find out more about us below, or get in touch. We’d love to talk.


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