Man working at a laptop and making notes
Man working at a laptop and making notes

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We’ve distilled our years of experience leveraging qualitative data for more informed and energised outcomes into practical, punchy insights.

Dr. Björn Buchhold - Technology Evangelist at CID
RAG – More than a chatbot with your own data

Building upon basic RAG, Agentic RAG systems are poised to overhaul GenAI usage. But can the GenAI trust issue be solved?

MLOps Principles and Tools

Unlocking the Power of Machine Learning: Part I

Empowering machinery manufacturers
Empowering Machinery Manufacturers: The Role of Modern Data Stacks and AI in Servitisation
CID Cloud - Cloud-native software
Cloud-native software: a foundation for the future of your business

As businesses increasingly adapt to new, evolving requirements, explore why cloud-native software built on modern, decoupled tech stacks deliver what they…

CID developer in the SMART FACTORY!
Modern data stacks: the decoupled approach that can benefit your business

As monolithic architectures give way to flexible, granular data meshes, explore the modern data stack, data-driven business & the changing role of…

Teamwork at CID is teamwork at its best.
Bespoke software through Advantage Engineering: What we do and why we do it that way

Transformational software needs a combination of technical disciplines, delivered in a single, powerful package. We call that Advantage Engineering.

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