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Bespoke software through Advantage Engineering: What we do and why we do it that way

Transformational software needs a combination of technical disciplines, delivered in a single, powerful package. We call that Advantage Engineering.

Successful bespoke software relies on many important things: collaborative work, context, aligned goals, responsibility, future-proofed choices and an end-user focus.

But at its heart is technical experience, refined and coordinated across multiple disciplines. Our Advantage Engineering approach combines three key areas – digital processes, modern data stacks and AI, and the cloud – that work in harmony to deliver powerful bespoke software outcomes.

Supporting you with the technical expertise to thrive

Our approach, named Advantage Engineering, supports companies with resources and experience across highly technical, specialised areas. We then bring this process as close to them as possible, making it a true collaboration between their teams and ours.

Advantage Engineering falls under three, broad categories of technical specialisations:

  • User centric experiences and digital processes, harnessing decoupled software architectures. We accelerate your agility with flexible, customisable, future-proofed architecture and user experience-centred application design.

    This includes:

    • decoupled system architecture
    • UI and UX science application
    • modern information architecture
  • State-of-the-art information architectures and AI, yielding deeper insights and higher level process automation. Digitise processes and automate insight with cutting-edge architecture and smartly applied artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    This includes:

    • data-driven operations
    • transformative AI/ML
    • practical automation
  • The practical cloud at scale. We build scalable, cloud-native software and support cloud platform technology, seamless deployments, and efficient operations. We even run and manage applications in our proprietary CID Cloud.

    This includes:

    • a cloud native approach
    • efficient operations
    • interoperability with AWS, Azure and more

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The power of combination

All three of these technical areas can deliver valuable change for an organisation in isolation. But where the magic truly happens, is through a combination of all three of them.

Everything we do is underpinned by connecting things. From collaboration between us and our clients and the harmonised working practices of software development and project management experts, to the combination of the three areas of technical expertise that make up our approach.

It underpins our strategy because of the demands made that modern, best-in-class software needs to deliver against. Regardless of industry, it needs to:

  • Be lightweight, modular and user-friendly.
  • Harness AI/ML smartly to automate and streamline operations.
  • Be securely and optimally hosted in a tailored cloud environment.

Do that, and you can access truly transformative bespoke software. And that’s why our engineers, developers, AI experts and cloud maestros work within our Advantage Engineering framework, to combine their talents to make something truly unique.

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