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Collect unstructured and qualitative data from across the web, news and other first-party sources. Combine them with fundamental and quantitative data for useable, scorable and integrated thematic investment insights. Identify liquidity events that help win more business.

Automated thematic insights for a complete market view.

Affinity makes it easy for Asset & Wealth Managers to enrich their fundamental and quantitative data with unstructured data insights that cover relationships between entities of interest – including companies, sectors, individuals, and market themes and events.

It’s an insights hub that helps investors maximise investment performance, business value and market knowledge. Affinity unlocks a continuous stream of relevant thematic insights that enrich asset allocation, internal processes and much more — all through an easy-to-use platform.

  • Increase equity research speed by 70% for fast and bespoke investment product rollout
  • React to market changes to seize opportunities and pull back from risk
  • Uncover up to 10x more thematically relevant exposed companies

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The home of Thematic Intelligence

Find, distill and integrate a wealth of unstructured data into your existing models and products. Now you can unlock thematic insights that directly inform investment strategies your investors and stakeholders care about most.

Affinity delivers even better investment and operational performance through four components. You can use each component individually, or combine and compound the benefits of continuous thematic insights across multiple use cases.


A modelling desktop that makes it easy to define and research industry themes, uncover hidden signals in unstructured data and spot critical events that drive investment values and new opportunities.

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A scoring engine that ranks portfolio exposure and new opportunities across the largest number of companies and people on the planet. Collate the most relevant and impactful thematic insights to inform your investment strategies.

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The AI brain powered by CID’s unique Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Graph technology. ThemeAI crawls the web to map critical themes and events onto entities like companies and people to deepen your pool of relevant qualitative data.

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An ever-deepening insights hub that pulls together and ranks the scored insights you care most about across millions of companies and individuals. Establish the relationships between these entities and key themes and events, so you can act on deeper information not found on typical terminal products.

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Dive into our resources and take a closer look at how Asset & Wealth Managers can unlock Thematic Intelligence — from the mindset needed, to the tools now at hand to overcome the obstacles blocking richer and more actionable insights.

Find out how Asset & Wealth Managers can put Affinity to work, the problems it solves and how it can energise investment, business and prospecting strategies.

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