Unlock better investment opportunities by ranking the exposure of companies, people and other portfolio entities to relevant market themes and events.

Easily identify, score, weigh and rank company, industry sector and regional exposure to market themes and events for a more contextualised understanding.

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Bring order and searchability to unstructured data

ThemeScore makes it easy to see how market themes and events affect your clients and prospects by quantifying unstructured, qualitative data into a format that’s understandable and useable.

Affinity’s scoring engine merges your fundamental, quantitative and qualitative factors to rank thematic opportunities that match your investment strategy.

AI and ML combine unstructured data from news, filings, and websites with traditional datasets to build a comprehensive, nuanced and timely view of your thematic investments.

With a continuously updating bank of thematic insights, you can effectively assess your customers’ portfolio exposures to thematic trends and market events, while monitoring your own investment strategy and policy compliance.

And you can use ThemeScore to spot and score business opportunities related to investors and wealth management clients — for more informed, targeted and timely prospect engagements and recommendations.


An integrated approach

We’ve designed ThemeScore and Affinity to fit seamlessly into Asset and Wealth Management systems.

You can continually deepen your view of the thematic landscape by leveraging qualitative data across your business processes.

Use Affinity’s API to ingest, score and rank unstructured data insights: just plug it in, set your criteria, and use ThemeScore’s self-service and no-code added themes and entity exposures to start turning data into money.


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What else can Affinity do?

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Abstract illustration depicting Theme Scape technology


Uncover hidden market signals and events to seize thematic opportunities.

Abstract illustration depicting Theme AI technology


Find key thematic insights within millions of unstructured data points.

Abstract illustration depicting Theme Graph technology


Build a searchable library of insights to inform your thematic investments.

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