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This is our central library for everything software. From explanatory pieces and short, insightful video, through to in-depth technical eBooks and our upcoming event schedule, if you have a topic you want to explore within software development, you’ll find it here.

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    Empowering machinery manufacturers
    Empowering Machinery Manufacturers: The Role of Modern Data Stacks and AI in Servitisation
    Engineering Advantage for Retail
    Accelerating your Retail competitive advantage through Bespoke Software 

    Video: Engineering Advantage for Retail

    Engineering Advantage for Professional Services
    Building the future of Professional Services software – today

    Video: Engineering Advantage for Professional Services

    How Advantage Engineering builds a better class of software in automotive & manufacturing

    Video: Engineering Advantage for Automotive and Manufacturing

    Engineering Advantage for Financial Services
    Bespoke Solutions for competitive Financial Services advantage

    Video: Engineering Advantage for Financial Services

    Case Study: Introducing an Agile Operating Model at a European Retailer 
    CID Cloud - Cloud-native software
    Cloud-native software: a foundation for the future of your business

    As businesses increasingly adapt to new, evolving requirements, explore why cloud-native software built on modern, decoupled tech stacks deliver what they…

    CID developer in the SMART FACTORY!
    Modern data stacks: the decoupled approach that can benefit your business

    As monolithic architectures give way to flexible, granular data meshes, explore the modern data stack, data-driven business & the changing role of…

    Teamwork at CID is teamwork at its best.
    Bespoke software through Advantage Engineering: What we do and why we do it that way

    Transformational software needs a combination of technical disciplines, delivered in a single, powerful package. We call that Advantage Engineering.

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