Map critical themes and events onto entities like companies and people to deepen your pool of qualitatitive data insights.

Combine unstructured, quantitative and fundamental data to tie investment themes, signals, and events onto entities of interest, including companies, sectors and people.

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Find thematic insights investors care about

ThemeAI scours the web and open-sources to distill millions of unstructured data points into actionable thematic insights.

ThemeAI brings order to unstructured qualitative data, making it available for higher-value processing across a company’s internal and client-facing operations.

It uses a powerful combination of proprietary technologies to find, recognise and ingest market signals and events of interest.

Our web crawler searches thousands of open-sources — including online newspapers, industry journals, filings and company websites — to find relevant insights across the unstructured data universe. Sentiment analysis and multi-language support lets the crawler pick up more nuanced and subtle references across more sources and geographies.

Using our Natural Language Processing and Named Entity Detection software, ThemeAI recognises and captures relevant and reliable references to asset managers’ and clients’ chosen entities, wherever they are.

ThemeAI precisely recognises the relationships across and between companies and individuals, while meshing their impact to investors’ financial instruments. It also uses Deep Learning technology to distill each insight into themes, signals and events.

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An integrated approach

We’ve designed ThemeAI and Affinity to fit seamlessly into Asset and Wealth Management systems.

You can continually deepen your view of the thematic landscape by leveraging qualitative data across your business processes.

Use Affinity’s API to automatically find relevant unstructured data insights: just plug it in, set your criteria, and start turning data into money.


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What else can Affinity do?

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Uncover hidden market signals and events to seize thematic opportunities.

Abstract illustration depicting Theme Score technology


Rank the exposure of entities in your portfolios to thematic market events.

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Build a searchable library of insights to inform your thematic investments.

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