Deeply research industry themes. Uncover hidden signals in unstructured data and spot critical events that drive investment values and new opportunities.

Fuel your thematic investment performance, transparency and customisation with nuanced, reliable and comprehensive market insights from around the globe.

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Cover every inch of the thematic landscape

ThemeScape makes it easy to find, define and explore thematic investment opportunities.

Affinity’s modelling desktop captures the themes you care about most – and then integrates them with your fundamental and quantitative research.

Its no-code and self-service features lets portfolio managers quickly pre-screen thematic ideas for new investment funds, client recommendations or prospect engagement.

Use ThemeScape to analyse market themes and support portfolio construction from end-to-end with relevant thematic insights that inform every asset decision with up-to-date, comprehensive and explainable data.

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An integrated approach

We’ve designed ThemeScape and Affinity to fit seamlessly into Asset and Wealth Management systems.

You can continually deepen your view of the thematic landscape by leveraging qualitative data across your business processes.

Use Affinity’s API to ingest unstructured data insights: just plug it in, set your criteria, and start turning data into money.


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What else can Affinity do?

See how the rest of the Affinity suite helps thematic investors.

Abstract illustration depicting Theme Score technology


Rank the exposure of entities in your portfolios to thematic market events.

Abstract illustration depicting Theme AI technology


Find key thematic insights within millions of unstructured data points.

Abstract illustration depicting Theme Graph technology


Build a searchable library of insights to inform your thematic investments.

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