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Find out how one of the world’s leading banks put hyper-relevant and timely prospecting and client insights at its advisors’ fingertips

At a glance

One of the world’s biggest banks had scores of customer data in its CRM – and knew this held the key to better client and prospect intelligence.

Which is why this bank needed the tools to continuously identify and act in the moments when it made the most sense to interact with clients and prospects – so it could retain and grow business, improve CRM adoption across the board, and stay ahead of the competition.

The challenge

Our client is one of the biggest banks and wealth managers in the world. Like any large organisation, they needed to adapt to increasingly negative market conditions, as economic downturns led to fewer large liquidity events.

The bank needed to retain and grow its customer base – specifically by identifying timely business opportunities that it could quickly act on. To do that, it needed to arm its business development and client advisory people and processes with actionable timely insights, on repeat.

The client asked CID to help its customer-facing people stay in the know about clients and prospects through a constant, timely flow of news.

The solution

There’s no shortage of financial news for advisors to dip into. Timely, relevant and comprehensive insight into markets, businesses, and clients are harder to come by.

The bank used Affinity’s News API to tap into the wealth of comprehensive information available from select online news and websites. 

By plugging Affinity into its CRM via Affinity’s API, the AI-powered tagging transforms unstructured news content into human and machine-readable insights – all fed directly into the bank’s CRM, ready for its advisors. 

This means users can search by entities, keywords, and signals, allowing advisors and portfolio managers to focus on and find information quickly and efficiently.

The results

With all of this client-centric information easily accessible for advisors, the bank powered up its advisory and decision-making processes with actionable insights. And with the sources just a click away, transparency and credibility is never compromised.

The bank also controls the topics of information – selecting insights along geographies, industries, organisations, individuals, and sources – while bypassing unwanted noise with prime deduplication.

This means the bank can continuously glean insights from a global coverage of online news and content using Affinity’s inbuilt named entity detection, language processing, and auto-tagging for easy ranking and search.

Affinity also detects entities like organisations and individuals from news articles, mapping them to IDs, references geo-locations, and finds signals like product launches, M&A, and legal disputes.

This continuous flow of timely insights are integrated with the bank’s data lake to enrich its business processes and applications. In fact, the bank has rolled this out to 2000+ advisors, empowering its staff to have more informed and productive conversations at scale.

See what Affinity can do for your monitoring and prospecting capabilities. Learn more about it here: Intelligent Monitoring and Prospecting

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