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Prospecting and client monitoring

Seize the best opportunities to engage with clients and prospects.

Win more business

Liquidity events are a prime opportunity to engage with affected clients and prospects.

You need rich information to make more timely, informed and compelling pitches and capture business opportunities.

Now you can leverage qualitative data to detect these opportunities, and proactively offer advice about events affecting your clients.


How we can help

Feed your advisors, relationship managers and sales teams relevant insights to build a better picture of prospects and the market events most likely to affect them.

Used together, these insights — from life events like childbirth and marriage, to business events like M&A and IPOs — can inform how and when to best approach clients and prospects.

Detect business opportunities

Leverage qualitative big data to detect business opportunities driven by liquidity events—then create more informed pitches for prospects or existing clients.

Provide your advisors, relationship managers and sales teams with high-quality leads, including key background information like customer profile, preferences and motives.

Precisely target audiences

Use Affinity’s comprehensive business graph with 20m+ companies, 30m+ individuals and metadata for geography, vocation, industry and other criteria.

Use this information to unlock a detailed target audience profile and the best possible coverage of signals and data for clients and prospects.

Leverage Affinity’s vast network information (company affiliation, personal networks, links with existing clients) to win introductions and referrals.

Integrate with your CRM

Plug in Affinity and enrich your CRM system with prospect and client insights. Combine this with 3rd-party and internal data for crystal-clear context.

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Our work

See how other Asset & Wealth Managers have enriched their investment practices.

Enterprise Platform
A tailored enterprise platform for the global workwear retailer STRAUSS  
Case Study: Data Mesh at a Leading European Retailer
Case Study: Enhancing Supply Chain Monitoring with AI and Knowledge Graphs

CID’s mastery of AI and Knowledge Graph technologies delivers unparalleled supplier and event detection accuracy. Desire to talk?

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A leading bank uses Affinity to create more effective client and prospect interactions, more often

Find out how one of the world’s leading banks put hyper-relevant and timely prospecting and client insights at its advisors’ fingertips.

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How CID and FactSet’s Thematic Intelligence and Investments opened up the world for the first plant-based ETF

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Affinity helps a leading bank tap into a new business-critical market

Find out how CID used AI and connected data to help one of the world’s leading banks break into the mass affluent market.

Explore other use cases

Discover all the ways you can use Thematic Intelligence to boost investment and operational performance.

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Enrich investment processes

Extract operational and investment value from all your datasets.

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Customise portfolios

Empower sales and advisors to meet investor requirements.

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Track market events

Provide timely advice in the moments that affect your clients and portfolios.

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