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Track market events

Provide timely advice in the moments that affect your clients.

Identify portfolio risk exposures and opportunities

Asset & Wealth Managers today need to provide proactive market intelligence for their portfolio managers and clients.

To constantly assess your funds’ and client portfolios’ exposure, you need to capture market events as they happen, in the areas that stand to affect your investors the most.


How we can help

Affinity helps you identify and act on investment opportunities by building a timely, accurate picture of relationships between market events and investment products and client portfolios.

Our system continuously analyses fundamental, quantitative and qualitative data streams, detects events, and quantifies portfolio exposure.

Use Affinity’s self-service, no-code tools to define precisie thematic investment criteria (including ESG factors, regulatory drivers and client interests) for deeper portfolio monitoring and stronger asset management advice and customer service.

Comprehensive portfolio monitoring

Use Affinity to continuously stay on top of market events that affect funds’ and clients’ portfolios.

Establish an increasingly effective portfolio monitoring process by building up a more detailed and nuanced picture of your funds’ and clients’ exposure to themes and opportunities.

Retain clients

Merge qualitative and unstructured data insights with your quantitative and fundamental models to provide more customised and higher-performing investment solutions.

Quickly develop and implement solutions for your clients to strengthen relations and improve customer service.

Reduce risk and boost efficiency

Harness a low-latency, high-fidelity picture of market events that stand to affect your investors and provide more timely advice and incisive action options.

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Our work

See how other Asset & Wealth Managers have enriched their investment practices.

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Affinity enables the richer analysis of developments & trends in capital markets
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Thematic Intelligence Generates Alpha in an Index Tracking Strategy

See how CID and Raise Partner make it easier to optimise thematic portfolios.

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CID helps fund discover leading and investable tech innovators

How we help investors separate real thematic trends from speculation and hearsay.

Explore other use cases

Discover all the ways you can use Thematic Intelligence to boost investment and operational performance.

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Thematic Investing

Enrich your thematic investment recommendations with automated unstructured data.

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Enrich investment processes

Extract operational and investment value from all your datasets.

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Customise portfolios

Empower sales and advisors to meet investor requirements.

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