Smart Iterations – The SMART FACTORY! Principles in Action
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Smart Iterations – The SMART FACTORY! Principles in Action 

We believe in collaborative teams joining up our customer’s experts with CID. We organize workshops and focus on a minimum viable product (MVP) before continuing with full-scale product development. We provide all the frameworks, tools, and structures as needed or align with those of our customers. We enable our customer’s teams and serve as an accelerator for them to achieve their critical goals – even until they no longer need us and continue their mission on their own.

Collaborative learning in hybrid teams

We are eager to learn from you – how you run your business, the complexities, and how to resolve business challenges.

Having become experts in your matters, we will happily share what we believe is the correct digital answer. This is about experience, but continuous learning also enables our software experts to stay on top of innovation and find the balance between new value drivers and hype.

First, this makes us an accelerator for you to resolve your business and software challenges faster. Second, leveraging our capacity and expertise to enrich your in-house capabilities enables you to take on a strategic digital business transformation journey.

Hybrid work matters to us. We know it is essential for our customers to leverage or build their internal digital and AI skill sets and teams. Read more here about what hybrid teams are and why they are the key to successful software products.

Workshop and MVP phase

We will deliver a successful software project together if we approach objectives in smart iterations.

It’s critical to start with a minimum viable product (“MVP”), purely focused on the essential business value we want to achieve. No discussion of architecture, corner cases, organizational matters, or any other exciting aspect to – sorry – waste time with. Business value comes first; we need to find out if we can get there and what we need.

Like researchers in a lab, we will focus on the mission to unlock business value. Our SMART FACTORY! even provides the perfect environment for workshops, on-site and remote, with all the gadgets and amenities a cross-functional, cross-company team could think of.

Like prototypes, MVPs visualize and test ideas and already deliver real value. They present the most minor, initial reasonable iteration of a production-grade product for which business users and customers can provide feedback. MVPs are products with limitations regarding capabilities, robustness, and the team size behind them.

Already in the MVP phase, a team or squad will typically include these roles:

  • A senior business (process) consultant
  • A technical evangelist with deep technology expertise
  • A solution architect
  • A full stack team of software engineers (architecture, development, testing, UI/UX) or data engineers (data science, data engineering)

The MVP squad will apply an agile method, either our CID-proprietary approach, which combines agile with strategic milestone planning, or aligned with customer-preferred standards such as SAFe or Scrum.

The squad will present sprint results and the actual MVP, enable proper documentation and budget reviews, and allow the decision on whether and how to build out the product.

The team that builds the MVP will assume the longer-term responsibility and invite and coach more colleagues to eventually deliver the desired software products, emerging in smart iterations.

Project phase

In principle, the project phase is not different from the MVP phase, except it may include a larger team and multiple squads working jointly to deliver products, solutions, or platform capabilities.


We use a fine selection of tools to support communication and documentation across locations, teams, and companies. We will be more than happy to adapt to the preferred means of your choice to keep our exchange as dynamic, frequent, and close as possible. (Slack, Webex, Miro, Jira, Microsoft Teams…)

An established tech stack supports day-to-day development operations and provides our teams with fundamental capabilities.

Learn more about the operating model underlying the SMART FACTORY! Principles.

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