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Hybrid teams are the key to kick-starting digital and AI transformation  

Digital transformation is a journey to increase competitiveness continuously.

Modern digital technologies and new architectural paradigms allow companies to develop and maintain proprietary applications that drive a competitive edge. Ultimately, (almost?) every company will become a software company – but those not born as such face critical challenges to build out the required skills, teams, and operating models.

At CID, we believe in a hybrid approach to developing software. We don’t just provide consultants or software development services; we prefer to set up cross-organizational, hybrid teams with our customers. Their business expertise will help us achieve our goals. Our engineering skills and resources will help them execute and deliver their roadmap.

A rule of thumb says projects often start with a 70%/30% spread of external and internal team members. Throughout one to three years, this is supposed to flip. A critical part of our value proposition is we help to build and enable internal teams to become the digital experts that will make a difference. Once you’ve built out your internal capacity to continue delivering on your mission, we’re happy we could help and look out for new challenges.

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Teamwork at CID is teamwork at its best.
The SMART FACTORY! Principles in Detail
Smart Iterations – The SMART FACTORY! Principles in Action
Smart Iterations – The SMART FACTORY! Principles in Action
Case Study

A tailored enterprise platform for a global retailer

Over the last two decades, CID has built a continuously evolving enterprise platform for global work and utility wear company Engelbert Strauss. We’ve also collaborated closely with them, applying our hybrid approach and SMART FACTORY! Principles to achieve efficient and successful project results.

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Engelbert Strauss

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