Man working at a laptop and making notes
Man working at a laptop and making notes

Thematic Intelligence Video Hub

We’ve distilled our years of experience leveraging qualitative data for more informed and energised outcomes into practical, punchy insights.

jim intelligent prospecting
Intelligent Prospecting & Monitoring

Video: Our intelligent prospecting tool is a great success story worth talking about.

Improving Performance with AI Rob
Improving Performance with AI

Video: Cutting through the hype and improving performance with AI in the Financial Markets.

Thematic Investing and Alpha

Video: How Affinity helps thematic investors generate alpha. Watch the video below.

Thematic and ESG

Video: How Affinity and Thematic Intelligence helps investors capture applied ESG innovation.

Investing with ChatGPT?

Video: Asset and Wealth Managers are pondering ChatGPT’s potential as a resource for thematic investment. We put it to the test.

Session 1: Intro into AI and LLMs

Video: What’s the hype around AI all about? What are the challenges and the risks from the business point of view?

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