Man speaking at a small business meeting
Man speaking at a small business meeting

Bespoke Software Solutions

We help enterprises replace complex, inefficient legacy systems with powerful and adaptable software that supports business needs today and in the future.

Creative and technical expertise lies at the heart of solving difficult challenges. Software’s no different.

Every company today is a software company (including yours). Standing out in today’s market requires consistently great software — in fact, it’s essential for business process excellence and consistently great customer experiences.

And companies everywhere are being held back from unlocking this potential by their legacy systems. Companies that, given the right tools, platform and processes, could unlock all kinds of fresh value for themselves and their customers.

That’s where we come in.

We’re CID. We help future-minded enterprises build, maintain and continuously improve the software solutions they need to stay ahead of the pack.

What we deliver

Solutions that liberate companies whose ambitions are being stifled by their software.

We work closely with in-house technology teams and business experts to help ideate, create and implement software solutions that are unique to each customer’s goals and constraints — so there’s minimal disruption and maximum uplift in results that matter to you.

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How we deliver

Collaboration across teams, tailored working methods and autonomy over technology.

Our squads of tech creatives and specialists work with you to figure out the best way we can execute your initiative together. Each squad has the autonomy to figure out the most effective combination of technology, execution and implementation for you.

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CID Cloud

Cloud services you can rely on to support and adapt to your processes at scale.

Join our private cloud service to get managed support for your AI and bespoke software solutions, reduced operational friction and increased reliability and uptime.

Secured to EU and German data protection standards, CID Cloud offers the full range of managed support — from shared services to dedicated system environments, to managed application services.

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Ready to start?

Let’s talk about what you need.

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Explore our case studies

We’ve helped enterprises of all shapes and sizes transform their processes and capabilities. Here’s some of the work we’re most proud of.

Stylised shot of street at night with light beams trailing from an illumated sign
A better way to connect German viewers to online entertainment

One Telecoms provider wanted to offer a tailored and exclusive entertainment services to its millions of customers. This is what we did.

Nurse with elderly male patient
Helping sellers provide (and price) products for hospitals, globally

The tender process for hospital suppliers sucks. We helped a supplier turn its bid process from a pain into an engine for new business.

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