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World Class Digital Transformation & Innovation 2024, Frankfurt

21 & 21 March 2024


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12th International Annual Conference

Your one-stop destination to stay up front of the Global Digital Transformation landscape

World Class Digital Transformation & Innovation is a platform for decision-makers to discuss, exchange, network, and evaluate best practices in digital transformation strategies, data analytics, change management, and digital customer experience. The event offers case-study presentations, interactive roundtable discussions, Q&A sessions, and hands-on workshops to provide inspiring perspectives. The multi-stream format allows attendees to freely move between sessions and create a personalized agenda.

CID’s Chief Sales Officer, Alex Stumpfegger will be presenting at the conference, covering:

Engineering Advantage – How to gain competitive edge, elevate growth and delight customers through cutting-edge software solutions

  1. Unveiling the power of decoupled, cloud-native platforms for retail innovation, omnichannel, and efficient operations
  2. Harnessing the data advantage: modern information systems and AI for next-level insights, data monetisation, and personalisation
  3. Successful AI adoption: data quality, user acceptance, and solid business cases
  4. The bespoke imperative: crafting competitive edge and unique customer experiences with tailored software solutions
Chief Sales Officer Alexander Stumpfegger

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Want to speak one-on-one with the CID team at World Class Digital Transformation & Innovation in Frankfurt; or speak virtually on a day that suits you? We’d love to set up an informal chat to discuss the trends, technologies, problems and solutions facing ecommerce businesses. If you want to delve deeper into the conversation with an expert in the field, then drop some details below and we’ll arrange a time for you to talk.


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