How can retailers and wholesalers effectively benefit from modern software architecture and Artificial Intelligence to streamline internal operations and optimize customer experience?

Global supply chains and production lines, extensive product catalogs, variations, and pricing options require intelligent and efficient product management. Logistics and fulfillment processes must provide the required capacity and performance for retailers and wholesalers to remain competitive, both for lean B2B supply chains and retail.

Streamlined backend processes and intelligent interaction at the point of sale enable a great experience for shoppers, online and offline - essential to win and keep satisfied customers.

Manage complex product sales and logistics, provide next-gen shopping experiences and intelligent recommendations with tailored e-commerce software and Artificial Intelligence from CID.

Product Management

How to keep control of extensive product catalogs for multiple markets, sourced from internal and external production or supply chains, with brand, presentation, pricing, and logistics all aligned? 

While process and data integration are important for a frictionless fulfillment, it is essential to support marketing, product management, and logistics in an each specifically optimized manner. A flexible architecture of web services for ERP and e-commerce provides the required specialization and harmonization of workflows, capabilities, and data at the same time.  

CID has designed and implemented ERP product management services that support distribution across countries, currencies, languages, B2B and B2C channels.

How Product Management, Marketing, and Logistics Benefit:

  • Intelligently map sourced or manufactured items to sellable marketing products.
  • Keep control of product configuration and pricing options for specific markets.
  • Automatically gear up marketing descriptions and collaterals for presentation online, in catalogs, and in-store.

Cross-Channel Service

Successful retailers and wholesalers provide a consistent experience across all sales channels when customers order products online or from a catalog, call or chat for support, or pick up and return items in-store.

Such flexibility pays off – happy customers come again, retailers gain comprehensive insight into client interests and needs independently from specific means of interaction.

CID has designed and developed software services that transform formerly separated ERP, mail order, e-commerce, and store IT systems into a single, comprehensive, interconnected solution.

How Sales, Marketing, and Customers Benefit:

  • Gain valuable, comprehensive customer and market insight.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention with a consistent shopping experience.
  • Provide first class service in any situation.

Intelligent Recommendations

Pro-active personalized service turns shops into unquestioned places to go. Highly individualized recommendations for repeated demand or intelligent cross- and up-selling options increase customer retention and sales volume.

Serve clients with a customized, seamless experience when they browse products. Inform pro-actively on new offers, relevant options, or how to settle recurring needs right on time.

CID’s Neuro Computing turns customer information, past sales, and product data into actionable insights. CORPUS provides product recommendations across all sales channels and types of customer interaction.

How Product Management, Marketing, and Sales Benefit:

  • Gain insight into customer groups and interests.
  • Leverage recurring sales, cross- and up-selling opportunities.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with excellent service and relevant, pro-active outreach.

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