Smarter Financial Services

CID's Neuro Computing blends any available data into a comprehensive, semantic graph and applies real-time analytics. It provides Artificial Intelligence for next-generation digital products and services.

Customers ask for pro-active, multi-channel, end-to-end experiences. Markets demand scalable business models facilitating highly personalized client advisory and services. New technologies enable FinTech and InsurTech startups to disrupt the industry.  

Financial service providers need to update their enterprise architecture to connect innovative Banking and Insurance APIs with legacy systems. Comprehensive data lakes require a semantic interpretation of data points in order to enable actionable insights, integrated processes and new business models.

Technology as Strategic Driver

Artificial Intelligence has increasingly become a driver of strategy and innovation. The vast amounts of data available offer both, new opportunities and challenges, for business models and client experience; traditional approaches to data processing do not suffice anymore.

Artificial Intelligence must become an integral part of internal capability building and business models in order to embrace new opportunities.

Solutions for Smarter Banks

Increase asset management, wealth advisory and research productivity, client engagement, compliance, and risk awareness

Neuro Banking

Build the Digital Bank

Provide asset and wealth managers, clients and advisors with market insights, alerts, and tailored recommendations. Drive engagement and increase productivity.

Solutions for Smarter Insurers

Better leverage underwriting insight, streamline claims handling, reduce and recover cost

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We help companies transform into more efficient, digital organizations.

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