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Partnership at eye level and values such as trust and respect, openness and transparency characterize the cooperation with us.

We work with all our strength on the digital transformation of companies. The key elements are the contemporary interaction of companies with their customers as well as the further development of existing business models and the exploitation of new potential. Leading companies place their trust in us because we want to take responsibility and achieve results - because the success of our customers is our greatest motivation. CID combines technological competence with technical know-how for different industries. We have the practical experience that makes us a reliable partner for our customers' IT projects. In the field of artificial intelligence, CID GmbH offers its customers leading solutions for the integration and analysis of data in order to gain new insights, use new forms of cooperation, make well-founded decisions and achieve the best results. With a team of more than 220 employees, we work in German-speaking countries, the UK and the USA to successfully bring our clients' projects to fruition.

How Do We Work In The Future?

In October 2018, the foundation stone was laid for a new office building at the headquarters of CID GmbH in Freigericht / Hessen. An investment of 15 million euros will create a high-quality environment for 250 IT employees by 2020. This new working environment is a signal of appreciation for the existing employees of the company and an invitation to the most talented people in the market to apply to CID.

Driven by the idea of improving working comfort and communication between employees, a new and unconventional room concept was developed within the management of CID. Thus the new building was divided into zones, which on the one hand allow very concentrated work in retreat areas and on the other hand allow the important exchange of information in communication areas. CID has the future of work in mind: We shed light on the changing culture of the workplace as a whole and the proactive role we want to play as a company. If one compares the office today with that twenty years ago, practically nothing has changed in its sobriety. Most people spend their eight-hour day there, usually in a fixed place.

"We shed light on the changing culture of the workplace as a whole and the proactive role we want to play as a company."

We have looked at possible questions around the topic "How Do We Work In The Future". The hitherto sharp separation between the poles of work and leisure is increasingly disappearing. Work takes place around the globe, everywhere and at any time of the day. Here the boundaries between home, hospitality and the workplace are blurring and all the amenities and qualities of each individual are unified. So it seems only natural that a good office should be open to aspects of personal life and social activities. Today's graduates are less and less opting for a career in a particular company. They choose freedom, when, where and with whom they want to work. Topics and technologies are more important than security and professional development, often provided by traditional companies. Organizations must therefore create a common awareness base, which makes the office even more important, as our environment has a significant impact on our thinking. The end of the classic office has been predicted time and again. We believe that today the office is more important than ever. The office should only do far more in the future than it does today. It is one of the essential elements to attract and retain talent. Almost everyone wants to be part of a community that helps create unique experiences at work. Social interaction and the continuous exchange of ideas promotes creativity. Ever-increasing mobility creates freedom in the daily routine and thus stands in the way of shared experiences with colleagues and the desire for personal interaction. Therefore, we believe that there is a clear need for companies to take the collective work concept into account and to translate it into an office design that massively accommodates the desire for communication and collaboration.

"We believe that today the office is more important than ever. The office should only do far more in the future than it does today."

You know the good feeling of coming home after a long absence. There we find our cosy corners and know the familiar smells. Our home is like the mirror of our personality and the other way around our personality is reflected in our home.It should be very similar with our new office. In addition to the place of added value, the office has the task of positively influencing our decision-making in order to return to this place with pleasure and to give us a feeling of at home. In other words, the place that we share with our colleagues.In addition to modern office and communication areas, the new CID building also includes a staff canteen, our own café with a range of fresh cakes, large fitness rooms for all employees and much more. The social role of the restaurant is particularly important for the work and well-being of our employees. Here you will be able to exchange ideas on common topics in a comfortable environment and meet colleagues you might have lost sight of without this place. It is the opposite of virtual space.

For the future, we want to continue to be perceived as a reliable and valued employer for our employees. A pleasant working atmosphere and excellent development opportunities for our employees are of great importance to us.

Interview with CEO Alexander Lörch

Editorial office:
The new company building of the CID GmbH receives a reddish or a brick-coloured outside facade. Why did you choose this colour?

Alexander Lörch:
We wanted to take up the metaphor of a 19th century factory. The headline above our new building is "Denkfabrik" or "Smart Factory!".

Hope and Light e.V.

Editorial office:
CID is a classic software company?

Alexander Lörch:
I wouldn't describe CID as a classic software company. Innovation cycles are particularly short in the area of software development. In order to operate successfully in the market, you have to reinvent yourself permanently. But always new technology is not an end in itself. Keeping our customers' software systems up to date protects their investments in the long term.

Editorial office:
One would not expect such an innovative company on the "flat land". Why didn't you go to town with the CID?

Alexander Lörch:
We founded the CID in our home region because we feel a strong bond here. Today we serve different needs. You will find our company in different cities nationally and internationally. For those who prefer the rural environment and appreciate the short distances to the workplace in terms of work-life balance, we have an offer. Young colleagues, in particular, sometimes change branch offices, because it doesn't really matter from which location they work for CID.

Editorial office:
Short working distances save time and money. Can you see a trend from the city to the countryside?

Alexander Lörch:
Yes, absolutely! We have a significantly increasing number of applications from people who simply can no longer be reasonably expected to travel to Frankfurt, for example, to work. We believe that this trend will intensify in the coming years because the topic of "sustainability" is becoming increasingly important to many people.