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The opportunities – and pitfalls – of using ChatGPT for thematic investing

Asset and Wealth Managers are pondering ChatGPT’s potential as a resource for thematic investment. We put it to the test.

Artificial Intelligence and large language models are having their moment in the sun. And none more so than OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

From writing screenplays and generating custom code through to image generation and financial advice, the opportunities of ChatGPT are boundless. Furthermore, the system is still under development, and improving as it learns.

Asset and Wealth Managers are pondering ChatGPT’s potential as a resource for thematic investment. Drawing from its enormous database, perhaps the system could prove the difference, finding those opportunities that few can uncover.

So in a recent video, we put this to the test. We set ChatGPT to work on a thematic investing task, asking it to identify the best possible companies to invest in based on their ability to use AI for applied innovation.

Here’s where we hit a snag.

First, ChatGPT couldn’t populate a list of 100 companies and apologized for not having up-to-date data. Secondly, the list it did provide was populated with AI-based companies anyone would think of (like Google).

But we also looked at how using this technology would impact a portfolio manager. From traceability and transparency with investors, through to regulatory requirements, the system simply couldn’t (yet) provide what’s needed for secure and explainable thematic investing products.

You can see the results in this video, including:

  • ChatGPT’s regulatory and transparency flaws
  • The results when we set it a thematic investment test
  • The new responsibilities and information that investment specialists need from AI
  • The results when we set our own Themescape the same test

We’ve developed Affinity, a purpose-built AI to help thematic investors and portfolio managers overcome the regulatory and research-based hurdles.

It draws from comprehensive, real-time unstructured data sources to rank thematic exposure scores in one place, ensuring portfolio managers have a holistic and real-time thematic picture.

Affinity can help

We designed the Affinity platform to help Asset and Wealth Managers extract the best possible thematic insights from unstructured data.

When merged with your terminal’s structured and quantitative data, you’ll unlock clear, deep, and actionable results that guide your investment decisions.

Affinity’s AI web-crawler, API integration and insights hub makes it easy to capture, assess and act on comprehensive and relevant ESG insights, and wider market trends. If that sounds like something you need, we should talk.


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