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How a thematic approach can clarify ESG investment research

Asset and Wealth Managers are having a tough time with ESG.

Asset and Wealth Managers are having a tough time with ESG.

Regulators are continuously sharpening ESG rules and tweaking definitions, directly impacting Asset and Wealth Managers’ ability to attract and retain customers – and these tightened rules mean many funds risk losing their ESG status and, in turn, clients.

At the same time market volatility, tighter regulations and increased competition means the penalties are getting higher.

And because there’s no standardised cross-industry approach to how vendors assess and rate ESG factors, there simply isn’t enough transparency over how and where they’re applied, making it impossible to consistently differentiate.

Investment managers need a method for applied ESG investing that works beyond ratings. It’s about transparent investment strategies that drive investors towards clear sustainability targets.

To do that, you need to strengthen your own research from sources outside of traditional ratings agencies. Thematic Intelligence holds the key to this.

We built Affinity to help Asset & Wealth Managers put a thematic lens to applied ESG – from AI that reduces energy spend, to new and efficient recycling machinery.

Watch the short video below to find out how Affinity can help you:

  • Close the gap between quantitative, fundamental, and qualitative data for more ESG context
  • Relieve margin pressure by creating and rolling-out ESG products faster
  • Train AI to do the heavy lifting for researching trends of interest
  • Meet compliance standards and customer needs

Affinity is uniting data sets for Asset and Wealth Managers – and making ESG a consistent, reliable, and easily-accessible part of investing.

Watch the short video below and see how Affinity works for yourself.

Affinity can help

We designed the Affinity platform to help Asset and Wealth Managers extract the best possible thematic insights from unstructured data.

When merged with your terminal’s structured and quantitative data, you’ll unlock clear, deep, and actionable results that guide your investment decisions.

Affinity’s AI web-crawler, API integration and insights hub makes it easy to capture, assess and act on comprehensive and relevant ESG insights, and wider market trends. If that sounds like something you need, we should talk.


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