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The key to finding equities that can benefit the planet and investors

As the state of biodiversity declines, the need to find investable companies that benefit the environment is going up.

Asset and Wealth Managers are scrambling to find equities that are net-positive contributors – but those companies are few and far between.

And the companies that do positively impact the environment aren’t just in short supply. Portfolio managers and researchers have just as much trouble assessing whether a company truly walks the walk when it comes to responsible environmental practices.

We’ve designed Affinity to make it quick and easy to find and evaluate environmental and investor-friendly equity opportunities.

Watch this short 2 minute video to find out how Affinity can help you:

  • How to divide opportunities into clear sub themes
  • Uncover companies applying innovation to reduce and avoid environmental damage
  • Outperform biodiversity benchmarks

Affinity can help

We designed the Affinity platform to help Asset and Wealth Managers extract the best possible thematic insights from unstructured data.

When merged with your terminal’s structured and quantitative data, you’ll unlock clear, deep, and actionable results that guide your investment decisions.

Affinity’s AI web-crawler, API integration and insights hub makes it easy to capture, assess and act on comprehensive and relevant ESG insights, and wider market trends. If that sounds like something you need, we should talk.


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