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Bespoke Software that matches your vision

Do you have a vision of where you want your business to be? At CID, we build bespoke software that achieves that vision, without risk or compromise.

Succeeding in business takes digital vision.

Sure, you need talent and expertise and industry know-how. But to keep your business at the forefront of your market, you need to have a plan for the future; a clear, bold vision of where you want to go.

Digital is usually the driver of that vision. And software the vehicle to get you there.

The trouble is, software is hard to get right. How do you translate your boldest ambitions and business goals into software, when you don’t have the expertise in-house to build it for you?

You look for outside help.

That means relying on others to understand what it is you’re trying to achieve. Which makes choosing the right software partner the most important decision you can make about the future of your business.

But the options aren’t great.

Off-the-shelf is out of the question because you can’t pre-package vision. And most 3rd-party consultancies are more preoccupied with their vision than yours, so you get a project that overruns on cost and time, and a complex, unmanageable product to show for it.

Visionaries want a different way.

That’s because visionaries see things differently. They’re emotionally intelligent. They’re creative. Collaborators with bold, brilliant ideas. And they want those ideas to come to life. Which is why they love working with us. And why we love working with them.

We build bespoke software that matches your vision.

At CID, the software we create with you is designed to achieve your goals. We become experts in your domain, partners that empathise with the nuances of your industry and your unique position within it; consiglieres to your vision and ambitions.

Our approach is built on collaboration.

Our experts work as part of your team to understand every detail of your business; its people, its operations, and the intricacies of your existing technology. Then we apply that knowledge to support you with the technical expertise to reach your goals and future proof your stack.

We don’t weigh you down, we raise you up.

Instead of staffing your projects with contractors that you have to manage – and whose experience you lose when the project ends – we upskill your teams so they can take full ownership of the ongoing management of your software in the future.

Software that gives you advantage.

We call the way we build bespoke software Advantage Engineering. It’s an approach that gives you a unique advantage over your competition; a clear path to the achievement of your vision without any of the drawbacks.

Built from the bottom up.

Technology is our passion, but we don’t overhaul your stack for the sake of it. We want to find solutions that work with you as much as for you. So wherever possible, we preserve and optimise the infrastructure you have in place already, adding to it only when it benefits you.

Technology tailored to your precise ambitions.

We apply our deep knowledge of technologies like decoupled architectures, AI and ML, and the cloud, to your specific needs and contexts. We don’t work from an established blueprint; we establish a new blueprint with every customer, so your solution is unique to you.

Developed without risk or overrun.

We pride ourselves on delivering software that not only succeeds in its objectives, but does so within agreed budgets and timelines. By working in a transparent, agile and accountable way, we minimise risk and enable your day-to-day to continue unimpeded.

Give your vision the software it deserves

If you’ve got a vision for where you want your business to be – and you know that software can get you there – let’s talk. Then work together to turn your vision into lasting business advantage.

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