Ten times more high-quality equity investment options. Seventy percent increase in equity research speed for specific rollouts.

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If you’re part of an Asset or Wealth Manager’s thematic team, you’ll know the value of squeezing every possible advantage out of your data… and how much manual effort and time this can take.

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As the thematic space becomes more competitive and a bigger hunting ground for alpha,  there’s now a new imperative…

Not just to make the most of the data you’ve already collected, but to tap into data from previously inaccessible sources – in a way that efficiently captures, orders, and integrates with your in-house models.

That’s why we at CID have built Affinity – a platform that helps you deliver better thematic performance for each of your institutional, high net worth individual, and retail distribution clients.

With Affinity, you get…

  • More alpha from thematic investment strategies
  • More customised and transparent investment products
  • Faster product development
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • More efficient research processes
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Maximise investment performance, research efficiency, and thematic insight

Affinity combines the best of Natural Language Processing, AI and graph technology to continuously put the most comprehensive and relevant data sets at your fingertips, and all in one place.
It unifies qualitative and quantitative, unstructured and structured data for the deepest and clearest possible view of market trends and events.

You can quantify any company’s exposure to themes that are of interest to your investors: Affinity makes it easy for Asset & Wealth Managers to enrich their fundamental and quantitative data with unstructured data insights.

Affinity’s insights hub reveals the relationships between entities of interest – including companies, sectors, individuals, and market themes and events.

This continuous stream of automated thematic insights gives portfolio managers a complete market view and supports higher-performing thematic investment funds more efficiently, at scale.

  • More alpha from thematic investment strategies
  • More customised and transparent investment products
  • Faster product development

Investors already using Affinity

Enterprise Platform
A tailored enterprise platform for the global workwear retailer STRAUSS  
Case Study: Data Mesh at a Leading European Retailer
Case Study: Enhancing Supply Chain Monitoring with AI and Knowledge Graphs

CID’s mastery of AI and Knowledge Graph technologies delivers unparalleled supplier and event detection accuracy. Desire to talk?

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Affinity’s core components can work separately, but are best used in sync. Here’s what they offer.


A modelling desktop that makes it easy to define and research industry themes, uncover hidden signals in unstructured data and spot critical events that drive investment values and new opportunities.

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A scoring engine that ranks portfolio exposure and new opportunities across the largest number of companies and people on the planet. Collate the most relevant and impactful thematic insights to inform your investment strategies.

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The AI brain powered by CID’s unique Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Graph technology. ThemeAI crawls the web to map critical themes and events onto entities like companies and people to deepen your pool of relevant qualitative data.

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An ever-deepening insights hub that pulls together and ranks the scored insights you care most about across millions of companies and individuals. Establish the relationships between these entities and key themes and events, so you can act on deeper information not found on typical terminal products.

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