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Automate business processes and create new, innovative business models integrating data analytics and providing next generation customer experience.
Current Situation

Banks have widely built data lakes – which often lack a semantic “understanding” of data points and their interconnections. Analytics and reporting require manual model definitions by data scientists – largely limiting capabilities and speed of analytics. 


Establish a semantic core graph and scale it up with ontologies, coveringbusiness structures and models as well as external graphs, all engineered decentralized.

(e.g., market segments, products, financial market data)

How CID can support:
  • CID’s Neuro Computing blends graphs from internal and external sources
  • Builds dynamic structures without a static model definition
  • Continuously updates an unified, agile graph

Add market-moving, up-to-date topics, market actors, and relationships based on market intelligence and news monitoring.

(e.g., autonomous driving, political change)

How CID can support:
  • ‍Unsupervised topic detection in news, research, CRM...
  • Automated creation of graph nodes and edges for companies, persons...
  • Enrichment of financial security and instrument descriptions

Apply real-time graph and event analytics to derive actionable insights and recommendations.

(e.g., trending topics, trigger events, sentiment)

How CID can support:
  • ‍Automated detection of trigger events (e.g., M&A activity, c-suite changes, lawsuits)
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation (e.g., sentiment)
  • Agile perspectiveson graph (e.g., matching financial instruments with customer interest and market relevance)
How CID can support:
How CID can support:
How CID can support:
How Banks Benefit

Apply Artificial Intelligence to the core graphand create a truly comprehensive, agile Bank Knowledge Base ready to power analytics, business applications, and advisory processes with reliable but dynamic models and up-to-date information. 

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