Identify Business Opportunities for Asset and Wealth Management
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Relationship managers often rely on recommendations and introductions from existing clients to win new business. Intelligent graph technology can automate and institutionalize - at scale - many valuable aspects of personal networks: the mapping of connections between people and companies as well as the identification of relevant new prospects, the detection of signals for when it is the perfect time to reach out, and the optimal path from existing clients to new prospects.


Identify new prospects and business opportunities related to...

How CID can support:
  • (Ultra) High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs)
  • Institutional investors and treasury
  • Corporate banking

Find the best path to a prospect and leverage social and company networks via next-generation business graphs

How CID can support:
  • Increase and make better use of client data already available, including their relationships and in the case of corporates - their customers and suppliers
  • Blend client data from various data sources, internal and external, licensed and public
  • Enrich data from qualitative, unstructured sources (e.g., company websites, news)

Rank and prioritize opportunities, find out when it is the right time to approach prospects and clients

How CID can support:
  • Analyze quantitative data such as balance sheets (e.g., equity ratio, debt, foreign investment)
  • Screen the news, press releases and social media for qualitative signals (e.g., initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, succession announcements, marriage, assignments)
  • Assess client exposure to current topics and trends (e.g., business model disruption, major market events)

Provide relevant background information essential for winning pitches by demonstrating real competence and understanding

How CID can support:
  • Derive comprehensive information on individuals, companies, communities and their connecting relationships
  • Increase data quality and check information for plausibility
  • Keep relationship managers in the loop with easy access to up-to-date information
How CID can support:
How CID can support:
How Banks Benefit

Increase sales and efficiency at scale. Leverage new business client potential more efficiently from networks and recommendations. Provide the highest value in pitches and proposals to customers in a timely and contextual manner.

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