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Asset and Wealth Management

Excel in customer experience with transparent investment strategies combining quantitative and qualitative data
Current Situation

Thematic investment strategies enable investors to benefit from powerful, long-term global trends such as emerging technologies, transformative business models, or ESG. As market pressure increases from more diverse competition, higher automation, and regulatory demand, asset managers gain competitive edge by providing clients with better experience and transparency.


Discern relevant information from the noise and identify topics and trends at scale

How CID can support:
  • What are relevant industries with growth potential?
  • Which trends are industries and companies exposed to, positively and negatively?
  • How might innovation disrupt business models and corporate strategies?

Define thematic investment strategies combining quantitative and qualitative data

How CID can support:
  • Enrich quantitative data with qualitative information (e.g., geographic and industry revenue data with technology trends)
  • Model themes and combine with others (e.g., technology trends with sustainability)
  • Detect relevant events and signals (e.g., M&A activity, profit warnings, wrongdoing)
  • ESG – combine structured scores with proprietary, non-black box ESG models and additional dimensions in order to verify primary scorings and to detect potential current events or contradictions
  • Enable analysts and investors to better understand and explain thematic impact

Identify and monitor investment targets for strategy execution

How CID can support:
  • Identify targets in line with thematic interests and selection criteria (e.g., private, mid cap)
  • Measure exposure to themes and events
  • Better explain markets and strategies with more comprehensive insights
How CID can support:
How CID can support:
How CID can support:
How Banks Benefit

The combination of quantitative and qualitative intelligence is essential in providing the complete picture about markets and investment decisions. Derive pro-active signals of important events and new trends. Score portfolio exposure to trends, events, and themes. Identify promising investment targets; benchmark and adjust investment decisions continuously.

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