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Summer Release 2023

The Summer Release ’23 provides significant improvements for Affinity and ThemeScape. We put ThemeAI, our qualitative data processing artificial intelligence, to a new level. Portfolio managers benefit from an even better quality of theme exposures and event detection. Advisors enjoy higher-precision liquidity events and momentum rankings for prospects and clients. The new Document Explorer provides an entirely new, streamlined experience to find and explore news. 

The Summer Release will go live on 10 July 2023. This is what it includes:

  • Upgraded ThemeAI – Next-gen named entity detection for better exposures and events
  • New Document Explorer
  • ThemeScape usability improvements


An upgraded ThemeAI for better theme exposures and events

Our new version of ThemeAI powers a better named entity recognition for companies/organizations, individuals, and locations. As it better leverages our ever-growing ThemeGraph, it will detect even more named entities more accurately. It will benefit:

  • The recognition of smaller and medium-sized companies
  • The quality and coverage of theme exposures
  • The accuracy and coverage of events
  • The effectiveness of momentum rankings for client prospecting and monitoring

Due to the nature of the improvements, the results Affinity and ThemeScape provide differ slightly from before. No reason to worry – they’re even better than what you are used to.


The New Document Explorer

The new Document Explorer provides a fresh experience to find and monitor news. Find relevant information for equity research or client monitoring or to test News API queries more efficiently. Use useful filters, including named entities, publication date, themes*, and events*. Access Document Explorer from the new upper right-hand side app switcher.

(* coming soon)


ThemeScape Usability Improvements

  • We updated the way how you can switch between apps in ThemeScape. Select Thematic Investing and Intelligence, Intelligent Prospecting and Monitoring, the new Document Explorer, or Neuro Analysis from the new app switcher in the upper right-hand side corner.
  • We improved the global search box behavior.
  • We removed the legacy modules document analysis, monitoring dashboards, and supervised topics as Document Explorer and ThemeBuilder rendered them redundant.


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