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Spring Release 2023

The Spring Release ’23 is about helping wealth managers and private banks strengthen the relationships with their existing clients and win new business – based on insights from news, company registers, dossiers, and even bank-proprietary CRM data. While the Affinity API has supported Intelligent Prospecting and Monitoring already for a while, our ThemeScape user interface will provide a new experience of client and prospect intelligence, complementing or as an alternative to CRM integration.

The Spring Release will go live on 8 May 2023. This is what it includes:

  • New: ThemeScape support for Intelligent Prospecting and Monitoring
  • Minor improvements and fixes


Intelligent Prospecting and Monitoring with ThemeScape

Until now, Intelligent Prospecting and Monitoring (“IPaM”) has been an Affinity API exclusive – our clients integrate the power of Affinity directly with their CRM systems or data lakes to tap into insights about existing clients and prospects. While that’s truly great, some wealth managers and private banks will appreciate the new “standalone” support for IPaM provided via ThemeScape, our next-gen user interface for bankers, advisors, and relationship managers. Complementing CRM integration or going it alone, ThemeScape offers immediate access to client and prospect intelligence.


Monitor your clients.

IPaM leverages Affinity’s web crawling capabilities to extract insights about individuals and affiliated companies from a global coverage of online newspapers. It comes with two “momentum” configurations to rank individuals by how urgently an advisor should reach out:

  • Money in Motion – which clients have recently experienced liquidity events (e.g., from a company sale or investment) and might benefit from additional advisory services?
  • Monitoring – what has recently happened in your clients’ professional and personal lives that your relationship managers ought to be aware of?

Create your proprietary watchlists of clients to stay up-to-date and assess their current momentum at any time. Access events and underlying news quickly to keep up with the noise – and ahead of competitors.


Prospecting – find new business.

Search and discover potential new clients:

  • Set up your target audience (search profile) precisely, including criteria such as location, estimated net worth, estimated liquidity, involvement in specific liquidity events (e.g., IPO, M&A), job roles, affiliated companies’ location, industry sector (NACE and RBICS), and more.
  • Rank prospects by their momentum (see above) to spot the most critical and timely opportunities first.
  • Find new prospects when they become relevant – your search isn’t static but self-updating based on a continuous inflow of details about individuals, companies, and news.
  • Stay informed about the prospects you want to win – add them to a watchlist.

IPaM Explorer View


Some details on how this works with ThemeScape

ThemeScape now includes several features that bring IPaM to life without or in addition to CRM integration.

Explorer and Profiles

  • Run ad-hoc searches for prospects or clients.
  • Discover all available information about individuals from our exhaustive company and individual data lake.
  • Access estimated net worth, liquidity, company affiliation, relationships with organizations, alumni, charities, family members, and more (depending on data availability).
  • Screen current and past (liquidity) events and news linked to individuals, either directly or indirectly via affiliated organizations
  • Explore and uncover relationships between individuals and organizations, other individuals, current clients of your bank, etc., to better understand a client’s or prospect’s environment and the potentially best path to approach them.

Individual profile

Graph view to explore networks



  • Use the pre-configured “Money in Motion” or “Monitoring” momentum settings to turn the Explorer view into a ranked priority list of clients and prospects.
  • “Money in Motion” ranks individuals by their exposure to liquidity events to ensure timely advisor outreach when it matters most.
    • Identify clients and prospects with high-probability changes to their net worth or liquidity.
    • Money in Motion includes these events, from rumors to done deals: Spinoffs, Customer Supplier Contracts, M&As, IPOs, Management Changes, and Investments.
  • “Monitoring” ranks individuals by their exposure to liquidity and many more relevant events potentially impacting their professional or personal life.
    • Gain a 360-degree overview of clients and prospects leveraging all “Money in Motion” events plus:
    • Product Launches, Financial Subsidies, Grants, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Research & Economic Awards, Joint Ventures, New Offices, Charity and Donations, Cyber Attacks, Industrial Fire, Legal Disputes, Insolvency, Sanctions, Layoff, Strike, Product Recall, Corruption, Closing of Location and Profit Warning
    • Provide insight into client monitoring, prospecting, compliance, and risk mitigation workflows.

IPaM Momentum view in Explorer



  • Create watchlists for individuals who are:
    • Your clients
    • Your current high-priority prospects
  • Leverage watchlists for “Money in Motion” and “Monitoring” momentum analyses.
  • Import and export watchlists from and to spreadsheets.


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