2nd Summer Release 2023

The 2nd Summer Release 2023 provides additional improvements for Affinity and ThemeScape, complementing our initial Summer Release in July. 

The 2nd Summer Release will go live on 07 August 2023 – this is what it includes:

  • Insider transaction events
  • Equity ownership insights with more detail
  • Document export for Document Explorer
  • Minor improvements


Insider transaction events – spot critical liquidity events for wealth prospects and clients.

Identify insider transactions (sell or buy) performed by your wealth management clients or prospects easily with Intelligent Prospecting and Monitoring. Affinity detects significant liquidity events, such as the sale of shares, which can increase a client’s net worth and potentially lead to business opportunities for various financial products. Enhance your prospecting and client monitoring capabilities by staying informed about these events, enabling you to provide personalized financial advice confidently.

Insider Transaction Events


Equity ownership insights with more detail

Better understand your wealth clients’ and prospects’ equity stakes in private and public companies. Affinity now provides the share ownership percentage values for an individual’s equity holdings (subject to data availability), enabling you to assess their asset interests more precisely.

Equity ownership details


Metadata export for Document Explorer

ThemeScape users may now export comprehensive metadata for news articles, allowing for seamless sharing, analysis, and archiving of essential insights from news content. The data export includes a news article’s title and teaser, entities, source information, publisher details, and the original URL link.

Document metadata download


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