Neuro Computing is next-generation Artificial Intelligence that turns data lakes into an actionable knowledge base of all relevant internal and external information. It enables the insights-driven automation of business processes, intelligent customer service, and better facts-based decision making. It scales up ontologies, and it determines exposure to events in real-time.

How Neuro Computing works

While machine learning relies on statistical techniques to compare data points in the scope of a specific task, Neuro Computing works similarly to the human brain – it processes networks of information comparing their structural similarities and analyzing their relationships and interdependencies “with an open mind”.

Neuro Computing illustration

This allows for the identification, classification, and adaptation of new patterns, which were unknown until now.

Neuro Computing data sources

Neuro Computing blends information from structured and unstructured, internal and external data sources with semantic graphs, domain knowledge, and business rules. It combines machine learning with text mining, relationship extraction, sentiment analysis, topic detection, and more to reveal a neuronal structure of connected data points.

Neuro Computing multi-model analysis

This interpretation and modeling of data, information, and knowledge are key to unlock actionable insights. The multi-model analysis of linked neurons allows to take various perspectives and to support different types of applications.

Real-time analytics identifies events, reveals trending topics, and determines their impact on customers, employees, or business matters.

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