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Asset and Wealth Management Solutions

Powered by Affinity – the platform that unlocks Thematic Intelligence for portfolio managers and advisors.

Enriched Investment Strategies for Asset Managers

Easily collate and score the market trends you care about most to even more deeply inform your asset allocation decisions.

Identify investment opportunities with a broader and deeper view of market shifts and events.

Build a more nuanced understanding of thematic trends to create innovative investment solutions and make more tailored recommendations to clients and prospects.

Enrich and energize your existing quantitative and fundamental investment models with thematic insights and outperform your benchmarks.

Asset and Wealth Management
Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V

Prospecting and Client Monitoring for Wealth Managers

Identify potential new clients and business opportunities with greater accuracy. Deepen your understanding of prospects’ professional lives to time and target your messaging with precision.

Automate manual processes for a more integrated and digital customer experience.

Free up time for staff to focus on customer needs and consistently deliver more tailored and nuanced investment recommendations.

Spot business opportunities triggered by market events and leverage our Affinity ThemeGraph for real-life networks and client intelligence.

Prospecting and Client Monitoring
Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V