In a world awash in data, how do you access exactly the information you need when you need it? How do you spot the important events when practically every event in the world is at your fingertips? And how can you offer your customers more of the topic-specific content you’ve already created?

Just because an article published in the past doesn’t mean it’s not relevant to someone. Our technology helps identify, recommend, and deliver it to interested news consumers.

CORPUS’s high-precision semantic analysis tools, near real-time news and event monitoring, and intuitive visualization modules deliver fine-grained intelligence about the external world so you can deliver accurate news faster, repurpose existing editorial assets, and create more interactive information services for readers.

Stay Ahead of the News

Today, everyone is a potential content creator and media distributor. CORPUS and Topic Analyst can help you stay up to date on the latest developments on the media landscape and the most innovative ideas sweeping across it.

Early detection allows for early analysis and quick adaptation so you are never blindsided and left behind by the next game-changing channel, meme, or technology. CID helps you filter huge volumes of content from a multitude of global sources so you see what your audiences are seeing and what your competitors are publishing.

The system can also be harnessed to create your own disruptive data-driven insights and user experiences that will set you apart in the marketplace.

How Editors and Reporters benefit:

  • Heighten awareness of the latest media technology, content, and channels.
  • Deepen understanding of customer preferences.
  • Develop data-driven offerings that separate you from the competition.

Take Control of Your Knowledge

CORPUS and Topic Analyst form the foundation of a powerful knowledge management system that can help you tap all the intelligence in your organization and wring new efficiencies from your operations.

Topic Analyst can help you leverage your organization’s knowledge by automatically providing relevant information and insights during editorial workflows and processes. Proactive recommendations support the creation of news andeditorial assets, as well as efficient and comprehensive fact checking.

This capability surfaces and delivers relevant insights to editors and content managers, directly inside content management and portal management systems.

How Editors, Publishers, and Knowledge Managers benefit:

  • Leverage existing knowledge assets from archives and up-to-date content management systems more pro-actively.
  • Support more efficient content creation workflows and fact checking.
  • Add content intelligence into existing content management and portal systems easily.

Create New Business Opportunities

In a competitive media marketplace, the ability to take control of data can be a rich source of new product offerings that delight your customers and differentiate your organization.

We can help you create customized information portals using CORPUS to continually deliver updated and indexed information for customers who demand highly relevant subject matter intelligence in near real time.

CORPUS refines data, finds connections between facts and events in structured and unstructured data sets and delivers specialized news feeds and visualizations directly onto your customer-facing applications so you strengthen your news offerings to your most valuable audiences.

How Business Development and Marketing benefit:

  • Differentiate the brand with unique data products tailored to customer needs.
  • Engage audiences more deeply with highly targeted news and interactive experiences.
  • Increase the value of your information products by delivering “need to have” news from current and archived content and tap all the value your organization has to offer.

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