The Intelligence-Enhanced Law Firm

Create Time and Work Smarter with Semantic Technology that Powers Higher Precision Content Search, News Monitoring, and Matter Status Awareness

How can lawyers and professional staff leverage information to develop new business, deliver efficient client service, and anticipate client matter needs triggered by events? How can law firms increase productivity per billable hour in times of increased pressure on all levels, from junior and middle-level to senior partners? In both cases, busy professionals need relevant information and insights proactively delivered right inside their workflow.

Develop New Business

Situational awareness about the news and regulatory environment is key to managing risk effectively for clients and to finding new business opportunities. Stay alert with event-driven information delivery and client current awareness. 

CID’s Topic Analyst software solution aggregates content from public domain news sources, global broadcasts, patents, subscription content, social media, and other sources in multiple languages. The system also scans internal sources such as discussion notes and meeting minutes. Everyone involved in business development benefits from in-depth content analysis and dashboards that display information about potential clients, the changing regulatory environment, emerging situations, and reputational risks.

Identify potential conflicts of interest earlier by analyzing existing and potential new client matters comprehensively across the firm.

How Marketing, Business Development, Practice Development, and Research benefit:

Assess threats to client interests and reputation.
Identify new business opportunity events that are precursors to class actions.
Recognize conflicting interests between new and/or existing clients and matters.

Optimize Operations and Client Service

The Topic Analyst system helps you stay abreast and make sense of client related information in near real time so you can deliver timely counsel.

Powerful semantic analysis tools and intuitive visualization modules deliver fine-grained knowledge precisely when you need it so you can make better decisions and take action quickly. Topic Analyst continually indexes, automatically tags, and classifies documents to enable rapid discovery of relevant case files, precedents, litigation activity, and news that impacts clients and matters. This also makes use of firm-specific knowledge and taxonomies.

CID allows you to build powerful client-­facing apps and extranet pages that deliver valuable news about litigation and regulatory actions so your clients can seize market opportunities. These client-­facing solutions can combine search, visualization, and analytic services with collaborative workflow support for client matters. As a result, clients, management and staff have the best possible overview of current business and the status of administrative matters.

How Firm Management, CIO, COO, Finance, Client Service, and HR benefit:

Receive the right information at the right time; automate administrative tasks, such as status reporting, freeing up billable time.
Access search interfaces, news feeds, and visualizations right inside Microsoft SharePoint and other intranet pages with seamless interface between the different functions of the firm.
Provide clients with interactive and collaborative access to your services and know-how.

Leverage Firm Knowledge and Experience

Topic Analyst can help you leverage the firm’s knowledge by automatically surfacing existing expertise, and by connecting experts and cases across the firm.

Intelligent navigation and analysis, combined with interactive visualizations and proactive recommendations, uncover and deliver relevant insights to attorneys, paralegals, and researchers directly inside intranet pages and frequently used applications such as Microsoft Word and Outlook. Users can specify the content sources and concepts they want to mine by configuring “Supervised Topics” — powerful search agents that filter content and deliver timely insights.

This “in-the-flow” intelligence powers higher-quality client service and agile new business development. It allows you to better leverage expertise across the firm and increase the level of qualitative contribution to more productive billable hours.

How Partners, Management, and Paralegals benefit:

Connect experts, cases, and important insights across the firm.
Integrate intelligence directly into processes, applications, and workflows.
Increase productivity per billable hour by leveraging more of existing expertise.