High Tech

High Technology is a knowledge-intensive industry challenged by high costs, long development cycles, and a highly competitive, specialized marketplace where the right data and superior knowledge management are the keys to enduring competitive advantage.

From early conceptualization, to design, to production, to after-market support as well as operations, data and the engineers’ knowledge informs every decision on the product lifecycle. The challenge is not in collecting the data but in identifying the right information, interpreting it, and using it effectively.

The ability to distill an ocean of data and deliver the insights to the right decision-makers and engineers at the right time is a key competitive advantage.

CID’s powerful analytical and knowledge discovery tools can help industry leaders get the latest and most relevant information so they can design better products, more innovative components, and provide better service.

Stay Ahead of Disruptive Technologies

CORPUS and Topic Analyst can help you keep up to date on the latest developments on the high technology landscape and the most innovative ideas sweeping across it.

Early detection allows for early analysis and quick adaptation so you are never blindsided and left behind by the next game-changing production technique, digital design application, or materials.

CID helps you filter huge volumes of structured and unstructured content from a multitude of global sources so you see what technologies researchers are developing and which ones of your competitors are adopting.

How High Technology Executives and Strategic Planners benefit:

  • Heightened awareness of the latest materials, production equipment, and design technologies.
  • More time to analyze, understand, and respond to innovations.
  • Stronger foundation of information on which to base strategic decisions.

Streamline Research and Development

CORPUS and Topic Analyst combined are a sophisticated Knowledge Management tool that understands high technology. CORPUS high-precision Text Mining uses focused ontologies integrated into its Knowledge Base system so it knows which components make up a product. As a result, you get only the most highly relevant information suggestions.

The ability to re-use existing knowledge can significantly reduce redundant research efforts and shorten product development times. Topic Analyst supports engineers and product managers by providing an efficient way to access external and internal information such as field reports, newest research and developments, patent information, and lessons learned.

Topic Analyst Companions offer immediate support while you are creating new documents, refining concepts, and developing proposals, white papers, etc. Topic Analyst widgets inject live information from internal and external sources into project and team sites on your intranet portal.

How Product Managers and Engineers benefit:

  • Easy and efficient access to existing knowledge and experience including concepts developed in previous projects, customer feedback, and competitive innovation.
  • Pro-active recommendation of relevant information through Topic Analyst Companions for Office and intranet portals.
  • Highly precise content analysis and search using customized taxonomies and ontology.

Keep an Eye on the Market and Your Competition

CID’s CORPUS software solution aggregates content from public domain news sources, regulatory and other public authorities, global broadcasts, subscription content, social media, and additional sources of information so you have the fullest possible understanding of your market and the forces shaping it. CORPUS uses powerful semantic analysis tools to help you find insights in the data and alert you to a new innovation or customer reaction to an existing feature.
You'll also be able to stay abreast of your competitors' activities.

How Competitive Intelligence and Marketing benefit:

  • Monitor global media sources for the latest information about patent filings, product issues, partnerships, and regulatory changes that impact your industry.
  • Spot and monitor trends in customer preferences so you have early warning and additional time to analyze and respond to market developments.
  • Create powerful intelligence gathering capabilities directly on existing company communications channels and deliver insights to key employees.

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